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Tom Belford16 November 2012

Here are the rest of the articles from Nov/Dec BayBuzz.

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From The Editor, by Tom Belford
HBRIC? What’s that? Regional Council passes the heavy lifting on its dam to its investment company.

Hawke’s Bay Urban Futures: City 2.0, by Anthony Vile
What does a billboard advertising the Bay look like to a passenger on the tube on a grey London morning in thirty years time?

Will A Dam Bring Them Back To The Bay? by Stuart Nash
If given a choice as to how to spend $600 million driving economic development in Hawke’s Bay, is a dam the best use of scarce funds?

Announcing The Napier/Gisborne Railway Party, by Tim Gilbertson
Talk about getting the wrong end of the stick, barking up the wrong tree and branching off into red herring territory!

Getting Inspired, by Claire Hague
Not everything of value in education can be counted, graphed, and analysed.

Local Lifestyle, Global Dominion For Bay’s High-Tech Ambassador, by Keith Newman
Rod Drury chats about his hi-tech townhouse, Xero’s billion dollar vision and Hawke’s Bay as a kids capital and haven for top executives.

Best Years Of Our Lives, by Kay Bazzard
What is happiness in the Third Age?

What’s Art Without An Audience? by Lizzie Russell
The more of us that get along to shows and plays and talks and everything else, the more the arts will flourish and we’ll have even more to do and see and choose from!

Yes, Art Happens South Of The Bombay Hills, by Roy Dunningham
A review of East 2012 at the Hastings City Art Gallery

Marking Time, by Brendan Webb
Revenge of the parking wardens


Tom Belford

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Tom Belford16 November 2012

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