Jan/Feb BayBuzz Now Online

Tom Belford09 January 2013

The latest Baybuzz magazine is now online.

And don’t forget … as of the Mar/Apr edition, BayBuzz will be offered only to subscribers and for sale in select stores. But YOU get to name your own subscription price. Maybe you should do that now!

You can view the Jan/Feb BayBuzz exactly as published with our nifty online reader.

Or check out individual feature articles here …

25 Stars To Watch in 2013
People we think will make a difference in the coming year.

Fishy Business, by Mark Sweet
What’s the story behind declining numbers in the Hawke’s Bay fishery? What needs to be done?

ICEHOUSE: Challenge for Hawke’s Bay Business, by Keith Newman
Business growth guru comes to the Bay, backed by the region’s leading entrepreneurs. What’s the magic?

Just Like Children & Snuffles, by Phyliss Tichinin
Why are we ignoring the science-based, and internationally lauded, regenerative agriculture practices that are right in front of us?

Shake, Rattle and … Roll, by Anthony Vile
Looking at the earthquake risk of the Bay’s buildings through the not-completely-settled dust of the Canterbury Earthquakes and the Earthquake Royal Commission enquiry.

Eileen, by Paul Paynter
A short history of the Bay’s Chinese market gardeners.

And for a visual treat, download this edition’s centerfold, featuring Mayor Barbara Arnott …

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Tom Belford09 January 2013

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