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Tom Belford10 January 2013

The latest Baybuzz magazine is now online.

And don’t forget … as of the Mar/Apr edition, BayBuzz will be offered only to subscribers and for sale in select stores. But YOU get to name your own subscription price. Maybe you should do that now!

You can view the Jan/Feb BayBuzz exactly as published with our nifty online reader.

Or check out the ideas and opinions of these contributors …

Beating the Odds, by Tom Belford
Why you should subscribe to BayBuzz, even for free!

Focusing on the Premium of ‘Natural’, by Kim Thorp
Kim addresses the ‘natural’ edge Hawke’s Bay could protect by remaining GE-Free.

Afternoons in the Sun, by Douglas Lloyd Jenkins
Does ‘sunshine breed complacency’? Is Hawke’s Bay too pleasant to generate quality art?

Low Prices At Any Cost? by David Trubridge
The global scourge of Chinese manufacturing rip-offs.

Better Be Ready, by Kay Bazzard
Preparing for financial emergency in your senior years.

EIT ‘Crusaders’ Help Rebuild Christchurch, by Claire Hague
What works for Hawke’s Bay trades graduates works for Christchurch

Players and Fans Win with Sportsground Technology, by Keith Newman
Money market guru returns to Bay to launch hi-tech sports site.

Let’s Dance, by Kay Bazzard
Hawke’s Bay needs more creative diversions!

Taonga Maori Connecting to Place and Past, by Lizzie Russell
HB’s nationally-recognised collection of taonga Maori will spread its wings when the new museum opens in September.

Eccentric, Eclectic and Egalitarian, by Roy Dunningham
The Hastings Community Arts Centre … the creative heart of Hastings?

Giving a Dam, by Brendan Webb
Make way for our Chinese landlords.

Enjoy … and subscribe … at your own price!

Tom Belford



Tom Belford10 January 2013

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