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Dam consultation — Regional Council-style

February 14, 2013

The Regional Council has been trumpeting its ‘stakeholder’ process on the Ruataniwha dam project as the model of ‘collaborative process’.

Notwithstanding that all of the ‘environmental’ stakeholders considered the process, when push came to shove, a farce. As we communicated to HBRC chair Fenton Wilson (letter here and explained in more detail here).

Here’s a more accurate picture …

Watch this space for more of the truth about ‘collaboration’ as practiced by the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council staff, and sanctioned by our elected Councillors.

Tom Belford


One Response to “Dam consultation — Regional Council-style”

  1. Ian McIntosh

    on February 19th, 2013 11:18 pm

    Really Tom,aren’t the methods you complain about exactly those you and your anti-democratic power block are employing with regard to the amalgamation of Local Government in Hawkes Bay? Another case of “Do what I say, not do what I do”?

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