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September 29, 2007


Billboard review #4

September 28, 2007

Napier City candidate Dave Pipe provides us with our next billboard review. * BayBuzz (and possibly voters) are perplexed as to which council the candidate is running for. * We’re ambivalent about Pipe’s soupstrainer. Potentially, voters could go either way: be assured by the police officer, or disillusioned by the used-car salesman. The spartan nature […]


Grapes and global warming

September 27, 2007

Winemakers in Europe are beginning to take global warming seriously, as fully detailed by a probing article from Bloomberg News Service … Winemakers React to Global Warming by Taking to the Hills. One of the world’s authorities on global warming and grapes, Gregory Jones of the University of Southern Oregon in the US, who has […]


Dean Hyde on council life

September 25, 2007

BayBuzz recently interviewed Dean Hyde, looking for any advice or observations he might pass along to newly elected councillors. Dean “wants to get his life back” … a comment that underscores the demands of serving as a councillor while also having a “day job” as a full-time trade union organizer for the last four and […]


HDC mayoral candidates on YouTube

September 22, 2007

Lindisfarne College students have injected the latest media technology into the Hastings mayoral campaign. And they have produced the FIRST EVER video press conference for a Hastings mayoral election. Year 9 students in Matt Kidd’s media studies class first prepared brief video introductions to key issues in the campaign — Ocean Beach, revitalization of Hastings […]


Making Waves endorses fresh faces & proven vets for councils

September 21, 2007

Making Waves, spearheaded by Angela Hair and Terry Creighton, is a citizens’ initiative aiming to encourage the election of more accountable and more environmentally-sensible candidates to local councils. Today MW releases its endorsement list for the Hastings District Council. We’ll get to the endorsed candidates in a moment, but first a few words on what […]


Tukituki disinformation

September 20, 2007

Two weeks ago, BayBuzz posted on the state of Tukituki water quality. One incumbent HBRC Councillor (McGregor) defended the current quality of the river (no other incumbents chose to comment); several challengers said he was … well, all wet. Then, miraculously there appeared about a week later (Sept 12) a “Factsheet” prepared by HBRC staffer […]