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New NZ Coastal Policy Statement released

October 28, 2010

Minister of Conservation Kate Wilkinson has just released a new NZ Coastal Policy Statement (download here). The NZCPS 2010 provides direction to how local authorities and decision-makers should approach the management and protection of coastal resources in regional plans, district plans, regional policy statements, etc. It is not a law or regulation, but plans must […]


Wilson elected Chair of HB Regional Council

October 27, 2010

When he received news on October 9th that his 1,322 votes had won him election to his first full term on the Regional Council, I doubt Wairoa’s Fenton Wilson’s first thought was … “Aha! Now I can depose Alan Dick as Chair.” And when Alan Dick received word that his 10,134 votes had secured his […]


Support the ‘Two Drinks Max’ Campaign

October 26, 2010

Over the weekend, the NZ Herald launched its ‘Two Drinks Max’ campaign, aimed at persuading the Government to lower the drink driving limit. The campaign calls for the drink driving limit to be lowered from 0.08mg to 0.05mg (of alcohol per 100 ml of blood), the same as Australia, Japan and most of Europe. The […]


Organic dairying milks rap video!

October 21, 2010

While we’re waiting for councils to get re-fired up, here’s a bit of relief. Billed as the world’s ‘first ever’ organic dairying rap music video, it’s from Yeo Valley Organic in the UK’s Somerset countryside! Enjoy … Fonterra … watch out! Speaking of Fonterra, in case you’re in the mood for something heavier, read this […]


Universal truths

October 20, 2010

This is an actual schedule board from a distant land. Yet, don’t you think you’ve seen it somewhere?! Tom Belford


HB’s daunting environmental agenda

October 17, 2010

Here’s a “back of the envelope” list of environmental issues that will confront our councils over the next term. Wow! Did you hear much of this discussed during the recent campaigns? I think not. While the Regional Council will bear the heaviest load, the Hastings and Napier Councils carry a fair share as well. Feel […]


Clean the Peak

October 14, 2010

Plans are in progress to for a Te Mata Peak working bee of massive proportions. Over the last few decades, literally tonnes of rubbish and tyres have been thrown down the face of Hawke’s Bay’s greatest natural attraction, Te Mata Peak. The rubbish — washing machines, 44-gallon drums, sign posts and computers — is now […]