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Do we have a regional sport strategy?

April 29, 2011

Colin Stone, CEO of Sport Hawke’s Bay and I have each tackled that question in the current issue of BayBuzz Digest. Colin’s case is here; mine is here. I’ve been treating Hawke’s Bay’s failure to make the velodrome consideration list as an opportunity … an opportunity to re-group and re-think our regional sport and fitness […]


Highs & lows of HB tourism promotion

April 28, 2011

Just a few weeks ago, the Hawke’s Bay tourism sector enjoyed a rare ‘high’ when refreshed branding for the region was unveiled. High-fives spread through the industry. With the birth of a new Hawke’s Bay Tourism organization; with a respected leadership team in place; with a financial stake toward future success provided by members of […]


DHB’s health strategy for elderly

April 26, 2011

Out for public consultation now is the DHB’s proposed health strategy for Hawke’s Bay’s elderly. Improving Health Services For Older People in Hawke’s Bay is a well-done, provocative report (if you have a certain tolerance of jargon). If you plan on getting old in Hawke’s Bay, BayBuzz suggests you give it a read! It’s online […]


Does Hawke’s Bay need an investment company?

April 25, 2011

As proposed by the HB Regional Council? Maybe … maybe not! If appropriate measures are included to ensure its public accountability, as discussed below, the proposed Investment Company (Invesco) could be a useful approach for meeting several reasonable objectives of the Regional Council: 1. Securing funding for needed strategic infrastructure investments in the Bay; 2. […]


15 years to clean up river!

April 20, 2011

Last week at the HB Regional Council, there were high-fives, back-slaps and congratulations all around as the stakeholders group formed to address the clean-up of the Taharua and Mohaka Rivers reported its progress to Councillors. The group proudly announced that it was working on a plan that would bring the rivers up to decent standards […]


It’s your money, not theirs

April 19, 2011

Councils’ budget season is upon us, and the Hastings, Napier and Regional Councils — with the predictability of the tides — are each proposing to increase your rates. Unlike households and businesses, Councils have no difficulty increasing their expenditures when times are tough. The latest Government figures show an annual inflation rate of 4.5% in […]


Who would you believe? Take 2.

April 18, 2011

During discussion of the recent Hastings Council fluoride presentations, Councillors O’Keefe and Cynthia Bowers asked the ultimate question – Who should we trust on this issue? Standing before them were a highly-trained toxicologist who has done nothing but look at fluoride studies for fifteen years, and a responsible dentist/representative of the District Health Board and […]