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The lights will go out

So claims Regional Council chairman Fenton Wilson, lamenting the Board of Inquiry’s decision to require serious environmental protection for the Tukituki catchment. The Board of Inquiry, to the surprise of the Regional Council, has ordered that HBRC get tough about regulating both... More

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15 years … or else!

The Nobel Prize winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has just issued the third and final report in... More

Is this how to make a $600 million decision?

This week, at our Wednesday meeting, Regional Councillors will be asked to set in motion a public consultation process... More

Darest not touch the Royal Cloak

For weeks now, a torrent of emails have come to me and other Hastings-based Regional Councillors regarding delays in... More

Dam rescued!

Very exciting developments over the weekend for the team at HBRIC. New funding has been found for the dam! The Royal... More

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