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29 September 2007

BayBuzz wants to put your opinions on local priorities, issues and concerns in front of candidates for local office. Register your views by taking the BayBuzz survey now … right here. Click Here to take survey Only 10 questions ……

Tom Belford29 September 2007

Billboard review #4

28 September 2007

Napier City candidate Dave Pipe provides us with our next billboard review. * BayBuzz (and possibly voters) are perplexed as to which council the candidate is running for. * We’re ambivalent about Pipe’s soupstrainer. Potentially, voters could go either way:…

mark story28 September 2007

Grapes and global warming

27 September 2007

Winemakers in Europe are beginning to take global warming seriously, as fully detailed by a probing article from Bloomberg News Service … Winemakers React to Global Warming by Taking to the Hills. One of the world’s authorities on global warming…

Tom Belford27 September 2007

Dean Hyde on council life

25 September 2007

BayBuzz recently interviewed Dean Hyde, looking for any advice or observations he might pass along to newly elected councillors. Dean “wants to get his life back” … a comment that underscores the demands of serving as a councillor while also…

Tom Belford25 September 2007

HDC mayoral candidates on YouTube

22 September 2007

Lindisfarne College students have injected the latest media technology into the Hastings mayoral campaign. And they have produced the FIRST EVER video press conference for a Hastings mayoral election. Year 9 students in Matt Kidd’s media studies class first prepared…

Tom Belford22 September 2007

Making Waves endorses fresh faces & proven vets for councils

21 September 2007

Making Waves, spearheaded by Angela Hair and Terry Creighton, is a citizens’ initiative aiming to encourage the election of more accountable and more environmentally-sensible candidates to local councils. Today MW releases its endorsement list for the Hastings District Council. We’ll…

Tom Belford21 September 2007

Tukituki disinformation

20 September 2007

Two weeks ago, BayBuzz posted on the state of Tukituki water quality. One incumbent HBRC Councillor (McGregor) defended the current quality of the river (no other incumbents chose to comment); several challengers said he was … well, all wet. Then,…

Tom Belford20 September 2007

We deserve better

19 September 2007

I’ll bet that reaction was in the minds of most candidates as they left the Hastings District Council candidates’ meeting last night. That’s right, the candidates deserve better. They deserve better than the paltry audience — maybe 100 voters, estimating…

Tom Belford19 September 2007

What's $25,000 between friends?

18 September 2007

Drip … drip … drip … drip … That’s the sound of the Hastings District Council spending ratepayer dollars. Each individual spend never sounds like much, but boy do they add up! Take, for example, HDC’s provisional decision, to be…

Tom Belford18 September 2007