Articles - April 2008

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Strategic goals for Hawke's Bay

30 April 2008

The Hawke’s Bay Regional Council has taken a major step — at least potentially — in the direction of providing more and better strategic leadership for Hawke’s Bay. HBRC has embraced a comprehensive set of strategic goals and objectives developed…

Tom Belford30 April 2008

The ethics of water

29 April 2008

Last week, a Green Party-sponsored forum provided diverse perspectives on water issues from the Chamber of Commerce, the Regional Council, the Green Party, and from Morry Black, representing Maori views. Morry, director of the Maori Protection Agency and a Maori…

Tom Belford29 April 2008

Morry Black, Mauri Protection Agency - The Ethics of Water

29 April 2008

Morry Black, Mauri Protection Agency: The Ethics of Water Maori place similar values on water as other sectors of the community … for washing for cleansing, fishing, for recreation, for education, for farming activities, but underlying these is another set…

Tom Belford29 April 2008

Swimmers to invade Marineland

29 April 2008

Outraged that they are more and more often kicked out of the Napier Aquatic Centre, casual swimmers have schooled together with the intention of practising their backstrokes at Marineland. Increasingly, it seems, Aquatic Centre use is being booked in advance,…

Tom Belford29 April 2008

10 years is too long

28 April 2008

Last week, in remarks to a public meeting on water issues, Chairman Rex McIntyre of the Regional Council asked the gathered citizens to be patient … positive change was a-comin. He said it took ten years to move from the…

Tom Belford28 April 2008

Why not make electricity free too?

24 April 2008

And petrol too. Just like water! Every individual in modern society, and all of our commercial enterprises, are fundamantally dependent on these “necessities,” so why shouldn’t they be free? Part of our natural right to a carefree existence. Ridiculous, you…

Tom Belford24 April 2008

Councillors respond on sports park

22 April 2008

Many BayBuzz readers have sent letters to Mayor Yule and Hastings Councillors opposing the proposed regional sports park. Councillors Robert Burnside and Anne Wilson have shared their responses with us. We’ve published Robert’s as our Guest Buzzmaker column for this…

Tom Belford22 April 2008

Robert Burnside, Hastings Councillor - Sports Park Concerns

21 April 2008

Robert Burnside, Hastings Councillor: Sports Park Concerns Dear BayBuzz, Please take me off the ‘sports park’ standard letter – the concerns expressed are those that all Councillors are considering and debating at the moment. I do have some reservations about…

Tom Belford21 April 2008

Mayor Arnott's secret trip revealed

21 April 2008

In a HUGE investigative breakthrough, BayBuzz has discovered the purpose behind Mayor Arnott’s recent secret visit to Amsterdam and Venice. One clue was BayBuzz overhearing a Napier ratepayer at Raffles Cafe, who commented that he was asked in a recent…

Tom Belford21 April 2008