Articles - December 2008

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A Christmas Inspiration

24 December 2008

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas to all of our readers — even the ones we poke at from time to time — and for a wonderful holiday season. BayBuzz has few traditions at this point. But here is one…

Tom Belford24 December 2008

Sports park cures bovine tuberculosis, and more

22 December 2008

Nearly breathless with emotion, Mayor Lawrence Yule announced last week that the proposed regional sports park could be the key to reducing crime in Hawke’s Bay … indeed the entire east coast. “I was dismayed to see Hawke’s Bay was…

Tom Belford22 December 2008

BayBuzz Digest #5 - in print and online

19 December 2008

The December edition of BayBuzz Digest is now available, and all the articles are on the BayBuzz website as well. The Digest will be letterbox-distributed in the next few days to about 10,000 homes in Hastings, Napier and Havelock North,…

Tom Belford19 December 2008

Don't dare to make us protect our water!

17 December 2008

Yesterday the HB Regional Council — you remember, the Councillors charged with protecting the region’s environment and natural resources — decided its stance on a new National Policy Standard on Freshwater Management. This proposal aims at strengthening water protections, and…

Tom Belford17 December 2008

Kent Baddeley - Salut!

16 December 2008

Against the tide of the glinting, stainless steel, wind-up wine-making machinery of modern wineries, there is a small band of boutique winemakers who want to feel their grapes like new born babes in their hands. Tim Turvey of Clearview Estate…

BayBuzz16 December 2008

Arts in Profile - Ben Pearce: Seeing the Light

16 December 2008

By Brooks Belford Ben Pearce, a young sculptor, arrived at Cicada in 2005.    At that time, David Trubridge’s manufacturing plant included a nascent “arts incubator”…a place where artists and designers of different persuasions could work individually as well as collaborate.…

BayBuzz16 December 2008

Arts in profile - David Trubridge

16 December 2008

By Brooks Belford French design magazine L’Express recently hailed him as one of the 15 best designers in the world. New Zealand Institute of Architects last year awarded him their highest distinction.  The United Nations gave him the Green Leaf…

BayBuzz16 December 2008

Let’s Invest in Healthy Homes!

16 December 2008

Here in Hawke’s Bay, rather than helping poor people live in healthy homes, our Councils are far more eager to spend money on roads, sports parks, horse racing, bike paths and marine mammal amusement parks for tourists. At least that’s…

Tom Belford16 December 2008

BayBuzz responds - Healthy Air? The Faster the Better!

16 December 2008

“It’s too expensive.” “It’s too fast.” “There’s nothing in it for business.” Bah humbug, Murray! Here’s the reality … 1. Not unhealthy enough? To get a full sense of the full health impact of poorly heated homes with dirty air,…

Tom Belford16 December 2008