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Councils can't identify spending cuts

29 May 2009

To its credit, as part of its overall budget exercise, the National Government managed to find $2 billion in concrete spending cuts and savings over the next four years, enabling them to re-direct these funds into alternative priorities. To document…

Tom Belford29 May 2009

22,000 Hastings citizens flock to dog hearing

27 May 2009

In a tremendous demonstration of citizen participation, an estimated 22,000 Hastings residents turned out for a public meeting yesterday on dog control. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” exclaimed Mayor Yule, “This is twice the number of people that voted…

Tom Belford27 May 2009

Democracy ... you gotta luv it!

26 May 2009

Democracy … from two Greek words meaning “people” and “rule”. Separately these words are benign enough. But put them together and watch out! Democracy is playing out in amusing ways in each of our local councils these days. In Hastings…

Tom Belford26 May 2009

Dare they cooperate?

25 May 2009

In their draft ten-year plans (LTCCPs), the Hastings, Napier and Regional Councils each display the same chart touting the various initiatives on which they, plus the Wairoa and CHB Councils, have collaborated or are currently working on together. Nevertheless, more…

Tom Belford25 May 2009

Don't try this at home

22 May 2009

Unless you have a broadband connection! Just for a break from the vexing issues of Hawke’s Bay, here’s a link to the top ten viral online videos in the world in the past week. Or you can skip directly to…

Tom Belford22 May 2009

Greens looking sharper

21 May 2009

Although I consider myself an environmentalist, I’m not a Green as defined in NZ politics. But I do think the Greens have sharpened their political game lately. First came their memorandum of understanding signed with National back in April. Here’s…

Tom Belford21 May 2009

BayBuzz Digest offers HB Inc to Grada

21 May 2009

Hawke’s Bay Inc, the region’s economic development and tourism agency, is now under the supervision of the Regional Council, and will be funded through that Council in the future. In the May BayBuzz Digest, Neil Kirton, Chairman of HB Inc…

Tom Belford21 May 2009

A painful day at Hastings Council

20 May 2009

Watching the Hastings Council deal with money issues is a painful ordeal. Fortunately, for all parties, ratepayers rarely witness the gruesome process. Yesterday, the HDC’s Finance & Monitoring Committee met for a bit over four hours. That’s another name for…

Tom Belford20 May 2009

BayBuzz needs friends

18 May 2009

BayBuzz gets lots of “moral support” — emails, phone calls, letters, comments on the street. But goodwill doesn’t pay the bills! Printing, delivery charges, website hosting … you get the picture. Even with thousands of hours of donated writing and…

Tom Belford18 May 2009