Articles - July 2009

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Sports Park's finest hour?

31 July 2009

The Hastings sports park passed its final legal hurdle this week, winning the approval of the Environment Court. Unfortunately, its finest hour might have been in the courtroom. Time will tell whether this Council enterprise fares better than Splash Planet.…

Tom Belford31 July 2009

Shame on National!

29 July 2009

So says the Green Party, after National voted yesterday to kill a bill that would seek to strengthen implementation of NZ’s Marine Mammal Protection Act and related laws. The Greens are especially upset because National appears to have reneged on…

Tom Belford29 July 2009

Kudos to Hastings Hearings Committee

28 July 2009

Yesterday the Regional Council got some plaudits. Today it’s the Hearings Committee of the Hastings Council to receive appreciation. From Anne Marsh, a strong supporter of the Springhill Addiction Centre in Napier. As most of you know, the DHB wants…

Tom Belford28 July 2009

Regional Council report cards

28 July 2009

The HB Regional Council was recently rated on two report cards, and issued one of its own. Good news all around. The first report involves evaluation by the Ministry of Environment of the processing of consents by all regional councils…

Tom Belford28 July 2009

Opinion split on Havelock McDonald's

24 July 2009

Here’s a progress report on our survey about the Big Mac coming to Havelock North. Yes, two properties have been sold to McDonald’s, just off the roundabout after Havelock Road crosses the Karamu Stream, intersects with Karanema Drive and continues…

Tom Belford24 July 2009

Cultural relief

21 July 2009

In case you haven’t seen the June/July BayBuzz Digest, here are three articles covering the Bay’s art world that provide some inspiring relief from council issues. Roy Dunningham reviews the recent Hastings City Art Gallery exhibition, The Labours of Herakles,…

Tom Belford21 July 2009

Rationing: Health care's dirty word

20 July 2009

A thought-provoking article in last Sunday’s New York Times posed this health care scenario: “You have advanced kidney cancer. It will kill you, probably in the next year or two. A drug called Sutent slows the spread of the cancer…

Tom Belford20 July 2009

Water harvesting update

19 July 2009

CEO Andrew Newman briefed the Regional Council last week on the staff’s inquiry into potential water harvesting and storage in Central Hawke’s Bay. A substantial amount of “desk top” analysis has been done to develop a scenario envisioning 5-6 dams…

Tom Belford19 July 2009

The burping cow problem

16 July 2009

Last night Environment Minister Nick Smith and Ambassador Adrian Macey, NZ’s chief international negotiator on the climate issue, made a splendid presentation to a public meeting in Napier on Government’s emerging global warming policy. Specifically, they described the policy challenges…

Tom Belford16 July 2009