Articles - April 2010

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Cranford vs PSEC

30 April 2010

Here’s the plain reality. Each day that Presbyterian Support (PSEC) remains in charge of Cranford Hospice adds one more day of delay to the time Cranford can be successfully operated. Because the recruiting of medical staff must be preceded by…

Tom Belford30 April 2010

Cranford audit released

28 April 2010

The DHB today released the independent audit of clinical practices and organizational health at Cranford. Here’s the basic conclusion (download full report): “…the status quo at Cranford Hospice is not a viable option. While the standard of care to patients…

Tom Belford28 April 2010

Co-governance in HB's future

27 April 2010

A legislative Bill providing for “co-management” of the Waikato River by a joint committee of Waikato regional councillors and appointed Maori representatives is progressing through Parliament, receiving its second reading. According to NZ Farmer’s Weekly, the measure is a “done…

Tom Belford27 April 2010

Alcohol's price in Hawke's Bay

27 April 2010

$5.4 million! According to DHB’s Dr Caroline McElnay, that’s the estimated annual cost of treating alcohol-related hospital admissions in Hawke’s Bay. And ACC claims for alcohol-related injuries in HB account for another estimated $19 million. Of course, you and I…

Tom Belford27 April 2010

Planning vs Doing

25 April 2010

I caught up on some Council reading this weekend, in anticipation of Council meetings coming up, key submission due dates, and articles in preparation for the May BayBuzz Digest. As I sorted through the stack of meeting agendas, background memos…

Tom Belford25 April 2010

What to do about booze?

23 April 2010

The Law Commission has been preparing recommendations for Government to consider when it overhauls liquor laws later this year. Extensive public consultation has been undertaken by the Commission, which will release its report next Tuesday. Various media have reported “leaks”…

Tom Belford23 April 2010

Think BayBuzz is bad news?

20 April 2010

You haven’t met WikiLeaks! WikiLeaks is a website that publishes leaked documents exposing various corporate and governmental misbehaviour, in a manner that guarantees the anonymity of the leaker or whistleblower. Here’s a video report that describes the operation. Because it…

Tom Belford20 April 2010

Advice from Chief Ombudsman

19 April 2010

Beverley Wakem, the Chief Ombudsman, recently delivered remarks to a conference of “residents groups,” mostly from the Wellington area. Her remarks provide a very complete and useful explanation of citizens’ rights as provided by key legislation like the Ombudsmen Act…

Tom Belford19 April 2010

The Mayor of Hawke's Bay

18 April 2010

With amalgamation looming as an issue in this year’s election debates, I can’t help already wondering who some of the contenders might be for the ultimate Grand Poobah of Hawke’s Bay job, when it becomes available. Who’s most popular today?…

Tom Belford18 April 2010