Articles - May 2010

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Clive sewage stink solved!

30 May 2010

Inside sources tell BayBuzz that after months of searching for chemical and technological “fixes” for its stinking sewage treatment plant, the Hastings Council has come up with a solution. HDC’s stink abatement coordinator Brett Fraser has discovered a mechanical odour…

Tom Belford30 May 2010

Brendan Webb: Buzzing With the Blowflies

29 May 2010

In Mustn’t Grumble, columnist and writer Joe Bennett’s wonderful romp around Britain, he recalls a gang of motorcyclists “buzzing up the lane like flies” and clustering around his borrowed Audi convertible in their black leathers as if it were rotting…

Tom Belford29 May 2010

Tim Gilbertson: Enforce and Penalise

29 May 2010

One of the great  privileges of my life  is membership on the Hawke’s Bay Regional Transport Committee. As its name suggests, it is concerned with transport issues in Hawke’s Bay. One of these issues is road safety. We angst at…

Tom Belford29 May 2010

Anna Lorck: Never Had It So Good

29 May 2010

Growing up I was always asked what I wanted to be. The answer was never expected to be “a mother” … that was a given. No, the women in my life wanted to know what “career ambitions” I had. It…

Tom Belford29 May 2010

Elizabeth Sisson: Struggling Families

29 May 2010

The world might be coming out of recession, but it’s leaving some people behind, like flotsam on the beach. And not just people on fixed incomes – pensioners and state beneficiaries – are affected. It’s also the people who have…

Tom Belford29 May 2010

Cranford: Good news ... bad news

28 May 2010

Two important developments to report. First, the good news. Shaun Robinson has resigned as CEO of Presbyterian support “to pursue other opportunities in strategic management.” But this is only the first of management changes required at Cranford. However, at Cranford…

Tom Belford28 May 2010

Tukituki relief progresses

27 May 2010

Regional Council CEO Andrew Newman reports that the consenting process is progressing that would shift Central Hawke’s Bay’s (CHB) wastewater discharge onto land and out of the river. The scheme would see CHB’s treated wastewater pumped onto Regional Council-owned land…

Tom Belford27 May 2010

Who will own the Port and other stuff?

26 May 2010

More precisely, how will the ownership of and investment in (or divestment of) strategic and public infrastructure assets in Hawke’s Bay be controlled and managed in the future? That’s the question raised by the Regional Council’s proposal to form a…

Tom Belford26 May 2010