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"More public service jobs on the line"

29 May 2011

That was a headline in the DomPost last week, referring of course to central government. Don’t expect to see a headline like that in Hawke’s Bay Today anytime soon! Although it’s budgeting crunch time for our local Councils, one thing…

Tom Belford29 May 2011

The Mayor meets the Lilliputians

25 May 2011

Hat in hand, like us mere citizen submitters to various Council Annual Plans, Mayor Lawrence Yule has approached his fellow Councils to pitch them for some money. Having missed their submission deadlines, he needed their special dispensation. Specifically, he wants…

Tom Belford25 May 2011

Roy Dunningham reviews Creative HB Invitational

24 May 2011

Roy Dunningham has covered several Creative Hawke’s Bay Invitationals for BayBuzz. Here he reviews the current 2011 Invitational, exhibiting at the Hastings City Art Gallery through June 26th. Creative Hawke’s Bay Invitational 2011 By Roy Dunningham This year’s Creative Hawke’s…

Tom Belford24 May 2011

City Under the Sea

23 May 2011

BayBuzz originally broke this story on 21 April 2008, when we reported on a secret trip Mayor Barbara Arnott had made to Amsterdam and Venice. Here’s what we wrote to our three readers, exclusive of immediate family, at that time…

Tom Belford23 May 2011

Which Minister matters most?

22 May 2011

Which one of the following Ministers is most important to the future of New Zealand? Minister of Tourism Minister for Children Minister of Racing Minister for Senior Citizens Minister for Rugby World Cup Which of those do we not have?…

Tom Belford22 May 2011

BBC slams "clean, green' in Key interview

18 May 2011

While attending a wedding in London, John Key was interviewed for the BBC’s Hardtalk program by reporter Stephen Sackur. I encourage you to watch the interview, which comes in Part 1 and Part 2. About eleven minutes into the first…

Tom Belford18 May 2011

Lousy water deal will spill into HB

16 May 2011

Last week, the Government announced a “Fresh Start on Freshwater Policy”. Basically, they want to accelerate irrigation, including here in Hawke’s Bay (as we explained in our last post), while offering up a soft noodle of a National Policy Statement…

Tom Belford16 May 2011

Call off the charade

12 May 2011

Judging from recent excited Government pronouncements on water harvesting and irrigation, perhaps the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council should call off its various ‘stakeholder’ charades consultations regarding three such projects planned for our region. Ag Minister Carter is gushing over fourteen…

Tom Belford12 May 2011

Are farmers slow learners?

10 May 2011

In recent days, since Hawke’s Bay’s localised ‘rain bomb’ event, I’ve seen numerous commentators — always after expressing heartfelt sympathy with those who have been hammered by flood and slip damage — note that the pastoral lands lost were treeless.…

Tom Belford10 May 2011