Articles - March 2012

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Parliamentary Commissioner to review fracking

28 March 2012

NZ’s environmental watchdog, the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Dr Jan Wright, announced today that her office will conduct an official investigation into fracking. Here’s her full statement: Initial scoping work being done on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) has been stepped…

Tom Belford28 March 2012

Campaign against local government

27 March 2012

We have not been shy about criticizing our local bodies on this blog or in Baybuzz magazine. However, if I might make an important distinction, those criticisms have been about priorities, the soundness of individual projects and policies, suitability of…

Tom Belford27 March 2012

New reorganisation rules affect Hawke's Bay

20 March 2012

The Government announced policy changes on Monday that will make it easier for proponents of local government reorganisation to initiate reform. Most important are these changes … 1. The Local Government Commission (LGC), which reviews and recommends reorganisation initiatives, will…

Tom Belford20 March 2012

Worms to rescue waterway?

19 March 2012

The CHB Council is (inch)worming its way toward progress in cleaning up its sewage discharge into the Tukituki. On Tuesday the Council will hold a special session to consider replacing its proposed ‘effluent to land’ sewage treatment scheme with a…

Tom Belford19 March 2012

Laugh or cry?

15 March 2012

The Central Hawke’s Bay District Council announced on Thursday that they were “putting on hold” their plans for a land-based “sewerage” (their spelling) treatment programme for Waipawa and Waipukurau! Here is the full announcement. CHB just filed its consent application…

Tom Belford15 March 2012

Budgeting on a 'best guess' basis

12 March 2012

Local councils — not just in Hawke’s Bay, but throughout NZ it appears — can’t calculate. Or more precisely, they’re hopelessly inept at doing the cost-benefit analysis on their major infrastructure projects. And as a result, ratepayers are always left…

Tom Belford12 March 2012

March/April BayBuzz published

11 March 2012

Our latest BayBuzz mag is available this week at your favourite pick-up point. Subscribers will have received yours already. You can view a digital version of the mag, exactly as published, via our online reader. The major theme of this…

Tom Belford11 March 2012

Enjoy the Redwoods Session

10 March 2012

Mark your calendar for Sunday 18 March, 3pm (gates open at 2pm), to enjoy the beauty of the Te Mata Park Redwoods and great music from the best in Hawke’s Bay. Bring your friends, a picnic, and a rug to sit…

Tom Belford10 March 2012

The Brat Kids Fight Back

09 March 2012

In the last edition I wrote about the way in which we can regain control of our lives and build a strong, mutually supportive local community. I suggested how, in doing so, we can shut out the parasitic multinational businesses…

David Trubridge09 March 2012