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John Scott: Come Fly With Me

29 January 2018

Local trout fishing, fly tying, and environmental legend John Scott says Hawke’s Bay is very spoilt for choice with its myriad of rivers and fishing spots and a relatively low number of anglers. And he’s worked hard to ensure this…

Andrew Frame29 January 2018

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Cricket Craftsmanship

23 December 2017

I love cricket. I’ve been playing and watching it all my life. With Hawke’s Bay days getting longer and warmer, rugby and soccer boots are hung up and the sound of leather upon willow becomes more prevalent as the region’s…

Andrew Frame23 December 2017

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24 October 2017

“DISGUSTED” declared the front page of a recent community newspaper above pictures of Napier Mayor Bill Dalton and NCC CEO Wayne Jack. “Mayor’s Threat to Quit City” the subheading added. The mayor claimed in a “leaked” email that criticism –…

Andrew Frame24 October 2017