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Saving Lake Tūtira

01 October 2017

As freshwater scientist Andy Hicks says: “Tūtira could be a huge asset for the region, it could be our Lake Taupo, but at the moment it’s a huge embarrassment.” Lake Tūtira was once famous for its eels, freshwater mussels and…

Bridget Freeman-Rock01 October 2017

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Hawke’s Bay’s Housing Crisis

31 July 2017

“So, we have the situation where the government has been pig-headed and sold o our state assets, and is now turning around and having to buy back property, competing on the residential market, while former Housing NZ land remains barren.”…

Bridget Freeman-Rock31 July 2017

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Hohepa: Every Life Fully Lived

29 May 2017

BUT CONTRARY TO PERCEPTION , Hohepa is actually one of the region’s most important caregivers and largest employers, with over 400 staff across multiple sites, a turnover upwards of $20 million, and strong connections to the fabric of Hawke’s Bay,…

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Water in the tank

29 March 2017

“People have got to have options. There must be a plan that allows for complexity; it has to have nuance, sensitivity, not be a blunt universal tool.” BRUCE MACKAY, HEINZ WATTIE’S An intricate web of water issues  surrounds the Hastings/Napier…

Bridget Freeman-Rock29 March 2017

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Hungry in the Bay

09 February 2017

Child poverty has received much focus recently in New Zealand, with the Child Poverty Monitor indicating up to a third of the country’s kids now live below the poverty line – defi ned as NZ households earning less than 60%…

Bridget Freeman-Rock09 February 2017

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Veggie Garden Basics

04 February 2017

Here’s a quick-guide launch to get you growing over the summer. Worried you’ve missed the boat? In sunny Hawke’s Bay, where we’re blessed with the country’s best food-growing climate, it’s never too late to begin. The Farmers’ Market, for example,…

Bridget Freeman-Rock04 February 2017

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Climate Change …

31 March 2016

How the Bay will feel the heat As I reported in the last edition of BayBuzz (Only a Chance to Save the Planet), world leaders may have agreed in Paris to keep global warming below a two degree rise and…

Bridget Freeman-Rock31 March 2016

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Only a ‘Chance’ to Save the Planet

31 January 2016

Welcome to the Anthropocene: the epoch in Earth’s history where humans became weather makers, future eaters, planet gamblers. Globally, 2015 was the hottest year on record; 2011-15, the hottest five-year period, with ice melting at both poles at unprecedented rates.…

Bridget Freeman-Rock31 January 2016

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Goat Dairy: A New Kid for the Bay

28 September 2015

Two New Zealand companies have recently confirmed their intention to establish processing plants and a supply network here to feed into a large and growing global niche market. In exchange, we offer the perfect climate (dry, sunny), cheap land, infrastructure,…

Bridget Freeman-Rock28 September 2015