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Mountain Biking on the Peak


I vividly recall my first forays exploring Te Mata Park on a mountain bike. Unfortunately they’re probably not the best experiences I’ve ever had on a bike, but they did begin an enduring relationship with the Park, as well as…

Damon Harvey29 January 2018

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I recently took our two youngest girls to see their grandparents in Brisbane. Queensland is regarded as the Sunshine State and a place that inspires a life of living outside. My wife tells people that I’m an exercise addict, and…

Damon Harvey07 August 2015

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Easy choice: Get fit or die early


“Hi, I’m from Hawke’s Bay. We’re that awesome little lifestyle region on the east coast of New Zealand.” “It’s where the sun’s always shining, the people are always smiling and where Aucklanders like to come to and sip our fine…

Damon Harvey08 February 2015

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Savouring the shield


I’ve finally got to touch the Ranfurly Shield! It’s been a dream of mine for many years – to go to a Shield game at McLean Park. I’ve heard so many stories about the 1960s Shield era in Hawke’s Bay…

Damon Harvey08 December 2014

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Pushing Our Children Outside


Am I succeeding as a parent and providing opportunities for our children to develop their interest and ability in sport and recreational activities? I have to put my hand up and admit I’m unsure. Our youngest daughter recently turned five…

Damon Harvey12 October 2014

bike buzz


It seems that every second car on our roads at the weekend has a bike rack, and locals and visitors alike are exploring our wide range of cycling tracks. Cycling is the BUZZ in the Bay at the moment. You…

Damon Harvey09 June 2014

The Ugly Spectator


Two years ago I witnessed the ugly side of sport. At the conclusion of a game of under 21s rugby, when the teams were lined up to shake hands, one player decided to use his fist instead. I was shocked…

Damon Harvey01 April 2014

The Academy of Sport… Changing Lives


The Bay is graced with many high performers in sport – individuals like Israel Dagg, Brooke MacDonald (mountainbiker), Bobbi Gichard (swimmer) and teams such as the Magpies, Hawks and Hawke’s Bay United. But as a community we tend to look…

Damon Harvey17 January 2014

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