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End of Life Choice

03 June 2017

The long journey towards compassionate law change in NZ to enable end of life choice and aid in dying has included many good things. The huge interest; the really good conversations; the multiple polls confirming that this is what most…

Dr Libby Smales03 June 2017

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07 August 2015

Young, intelligent, of sound mind and dying of an incurable brain tumour, she dreaded losing her mind, her dignity, her independence and her control of bladder and bowels. She was asking for the right to choose to ask for aid…

Dr Libby Smales07 August 2015

In Support of End of Life Choice

06 November 2012

As a physician working in hospice, I focused on maximising all the differences good palliative care can and does make to patients, their families and friends. In most cases it was possible to manage a way of dying acceptable to…

Dr Libby Smales06 November 2012