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Miss Mohi on the case

06 February 2016

It started when Rose found carvings listed online that came from a meeting house built for her great-great-grandfather Karaitiana Takamoana at Pakowhai and somehow wound up in the Otago Museum. She went to Dunedin to see them and found 15…

Jess Soutar Barron06 February 2016

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Caravanalia in Hawke's Bay

06 February 2016

For many of us, summer means holidaying and holidays mean caravanning. Small, cute caravans, souped-up mobile homes, a caravan simply parked up in the garden, and another you can employ to optimise your party – we’ve got them all here…

Jess Soutar Barron06 February 2016

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HB's Rising Stars: 40 under 40

31 January 2016

Hawke’s Bay problem solvers often lament a ‘brain drain’ when discussing our region’s challenges. They perceive that we’re losing our ‘best and brightest’ to bigger places. Optimistic pragmatists say that’s a good thing. People of a certain age should move…

Jess Soutar Barron31 January 2016

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WINZ: The Last Place You Want To Be

30 November 2015

But Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ) is no longer just the domain of the archetypal beneficiary: long-term, multi-generational and hopeless. Look closer and there’s also the woman in the business suit with the plastic folder and the man with…

Jess Soutar Barron30 November 2015

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With Amalgamation Sorted ... What Next?

23 September 2015

With the outcome decided, politicians will continue posturing, council officers will continue planning and drawing up policies, interest groups will continue fighting for funds and a place on the priority list, but hopefully we’ll all be ready to move on…

Jess Soutar Barron23 September 2015

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The Business Of Birth

30 July 2015

Nine months from now the first baby will be born in the new primary birthing unit in the grounds of Hawke’s Bay Hospital. As yet unnamed, the unit is currently just a seed, germinating in a hole in the carpark.…

Jess Soutar Barron30 July 2015

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Toot Your Own Horn

26 May 2015

Late last year singer, songwriter, poet Leonard Cohen turned 80 and announced he would recommence smoking, a habit he’d abandoned in his fifties. Speculation is he decided to ‘set aside a life lived for the future and, instead, embrace the…

Jess Soutar Barron26 May 2015

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They’re Gone!

04 April 2015

They’re off … to their big-smoke jobs or their big OE or to O-week.  And we’re left at the departure gates mourning their loss. Perhaps instead we should be cheering as our bright young things fly off into the big…

Jess Soutar Barron04 April 2015