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04 February 2017

In the humble apple Hawke’s Bay has the raw ingredient for increased exports, new careers and more jobs, artisan and innovative products, and potentially the cure for cancer. Currently we witness the apple growing, then it disappears overseas, job done.…

Jess Soutar Barron04 February 2017

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The Take-out evolution

04 February 2017

Then through the 90s the world sent us greater and greater fast-food choices: Indian, Thai, Chinese, Italian (if you count Pizza Hut), Americana mega serves of French fries. As the century turned, take- out got fancy, gourmet burgers and exotic…

Jess Soutar Barron04 February 2017

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04 February 2017

Paul is a renter. He’s tried to slough off that moniker many times over the past five years, but one thing (cider making machinery), or the other (a pear orchard) has always got in the way. In the hope that…

Jess Soutar Barron04 February 2017

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5,000 sick in five days

16 November 2016

DHB chief Kevin Snee says the joke in public health circles is that these things always happen on a Friday afternoon when the boss is away. That was the case here, with Caroline McElnay, Director of Population Health, on sabbatical…

Jess Soutar Barron16 November 2016

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Not in Front of the Children

04 October 2016

All Black Norm Hewitt used a recent NZ-on-Air documentary, Making Good Men, to unpack his violence and the day he unleashed the volcano inside and delivered a substantial pummelling to a classmate. When Hewitt is just a small child in…

Jess Soutar Barron04 October 2016

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Little Silos Won’t Lift the Bay

15 August 2016

Mayor Yule’s ‘Poor but Happy’ slideshow, the one he touted around the region during the campaign, held sad statistics about employment, education, housing, and is still relevant. The consensus among decision makers today is that the socio-economic challenges facing Hawke’s…

Jess Soutar Barron15 August 2016

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Where Does HB’s Food Future Lie?

31 May 2016

Introduction by Tom Belford Our region’s branding history includes ‘fruitbowl’, ‘wine country’ and, with broader meaning, ‘we grow great things’. To some, our food makes Hawke’s Bay a destination … a place to visit to sample world-class restaurants serving our…

Jess Soutar Barron31 May 2016

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Lighting a Fire

06 April 2016

It’s a schools performance with 300+ teenagers swarming through the foyer. There’s a huddle of them sitting on the steps; a cross-section of the Hawke’s Bay teen community with a multitude of uniforms and a couple in mufti. There’s a…

Jess Soutar Barron06 April 2016

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A Slice of Life in Hawke's Bay

06 February 2016

Yes, it does seem like a “slice of life” but it has taken me nearly 75 years to realise that life has slowed down, even though on the other hand “time is flying by”! My first memories go back to…

Jess Soutar Barron06 February 2016