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Phoenix Rising: Keirunga Creative Hub

01 December 2019

Being involved in the arts is good for us – good for our mental health and emotional wellbeing, good for the economy, for children’s educational development, for community engagement. A win-win for everyone. The research, and our leaders, clearly say…

Kay Bazzard01 December 2019

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Future-proofing Our Libraries

01 August 2019

Whereto for our public libraries in the digital age? Places of innovation, expanding community participation and information-based services, or quiet dignified civic buildings offering shelves full of free books?  Around the world public libraries are re-evaluating their role in the…

Kay Bazzard01 August 2019

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Digitising Hawke’s Bay History

01 June 2019

“The Knowledge Bank is an ever-growing digital record of Hawke’s Bay and its people. Stories of the events, people, celebrations, tragedies and day-to-day life that helped form the culture and landscape of the Bay we know today are gathered here…

Kay Bazzard01 June 2019

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Hakikino, Window to Māori Culture

01 April 2019

“Waimārama is so much more than a seaside resort,” says Robert MacDonald, kaumātua of Ngāti Kahungunu (tribe) and Ngāti Kurukuru (sub-tribe), the tangata whenua of Waimārama.  “For those of us who live here and call it home, the landscape holds…

Kay Bazzard01 April 2019

They’re Back!

09 June 2014

A familiar story told in Hawke’s Bay is of the prodigal son or daughter. BayBuzz is heartened to see many Hawke’s Bay ex-pats returning to the fold with rich experiences and enhanced skills. We ask the ‘returnees’ where did they…

Kay Bazzard09 June 2014