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Speed Dating for Seniors

10 March 2013

For some years I have lived alone, apart from the past six since Basil moved in. He is very good looking, nicely set up, fit, well-socialised, healthy and very hirsute. But he’s a dog. In all these years you would…

Kay Bazzard10 March 2013

The Best Years of Our Lives: Midlife Career Change

06 March 2013

When Charlie Bazzard (solicitor) was 43, he was informed by his employer they were going to close down the law practice in England where he worked. It triggered something of a midlife crisis for us, and as a family with…

Kay Bazzard06 March 2013

Let’s Dance

30 December 2012

I look at my life in Hawke’s Bay, evenings spent in front of the television night after night, a glass of wine and then off to bed at 10.30, and I dream of something different. The highlight of the week…

Kay Bazzard30 December 2012

The Best Years of Our Lives: Better Be Ready!

30 December 2012

Imagine a life crisis. Say, one of your 20-something kids is banged up in a Bangkok jail on suspicion of carrying drugs, or you had a stroke that left you paralysed, and you needed cash urgently. What available cash would…

Kay Bazzard30 December 2012

The Best Years of Our Lives

07 November 2012

Happiness in the Third Age It seems that we in the Western world are obsessed with happiness. Social scientists in universities around the world are trawling through data to present their conclusions about the ‘keys to happiness’. One of the…

Kay Bazzard07 November 2012

The best years of our lives: A Working Life After 65

07 September 2012

Kay Bazzard explores the issues that will determine whether people take the National Super at 65 and retire, or continue working into their 70s. Recently, at a Hawke’s Bay filling station I was served by a woman called Shirley*. She…

Kay Bazzard07 September 2012

Best years of our lives

04 July 2012

Empty Nests and Families Apart While the Baby Boomer cohort moved through middle age and towards retirement, their offspring, the Generations X and Y were educated, became grown-ups themselves, established their careers, and took on responsibilities. At some point, most…

Kay Bazzard04 July 2012

The best years of our lives

10 May 2012

In this regular column, Kay Bazzard considers life’s changes for the Baby Boomer corps, as its first members hit age 65, bringing the issues home to Hawke’s Bay. Between 1946 and 1965, 1.125 million babies were born in New Zealand…

Kay Bazzard10 May 2012