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The best years of our lives

10 May 2012

In this regular column, Kay Bazzard considers life’s changes for the Baby Boomer corps, as its first members hit age 65, bringing the issues home to Hawke’s Bay. Between 1946 and 1965, 1.125 million babies were born in New Zealand…

Kay Bazzard10 May 2012

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Inside Havelock North

09 March 2012

Weekend of creativity The HBS Bank Weekend of Wonderful Workshops is the second such event to be staged, being held at Keirunga Arts and Crafts Society in Puflett Road from 30 March – 2 April. This year sees a doubling…

Kay Bazzard09 March 2012

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Ambitious Plans for Guthrie-Smith Arboretum

04 January 2012

For well over a century a unique conservation project has been developing on the western slopes above Lake Tutira, 25 minutes drive north of Napier. On 90 hectares of former farmland the Guthrie-Smith Arboretum is becoming a repository of tree…

Kay Bazzard04 January 2012

Voices of art in Hawke’s Bay

03 November 2011

In Hawke’s Bay there is a remarkably high level of participation in creative activities, reflecting the huge number of artists per capita in this country, more so than in most other countries. I recently asked several key voices in the Bay’s art community for their perspective on…

Kay Bazzard03 November 2011

Writer & Filmmaker Peter Wells

30 August 2011

During the months of December 1871 and January 1872, Kereopa Te Rau was brought to Napier, put on trial for the murder of the Reverend Volkner and hanged. These were the frightening times of the New Zealand Land Wars, when…

Kay Bazzard30 August 2011