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Obstacle Course to Energy Saving

29 March 2017

It is annual survey of business priorities, the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) says energy conservation and reducing carbon emissions never makes it into the top three or four areas of importance. Greg Visser, EECA general manager, says businesses…

Keith Newman29 March 2017

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Scaling up the food value chain

09 February 2017

‘Add value in the food chain’ is a decades old mantra. But it’s mere rhetoric, unless we support and capitalise on the success of existing entrepreneurs, niche exporters, and the next generation of smart companies wanting to add a premium…

Keith Newman09 February 2017

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Getting Power to the People

02 December 2016

We take power for granted.Power as in the electricity (and gas) that heats our homes, refrigerates and cooks our food, pumps our water from private bores and water tanks, charges our phones and tablets, and keeps our computers ‘plugged in’ to…

Keith Newman02 December 2016

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HBRC Furiously Forensic

02 December 2016

As HBRC sees it, the most likely explanation for New Zealand’s largest water-borne contamination is that sheep poo, flushed from nearby grazing land into streams and surface water got into drinking water through a weakness in the Brookvale Rd bores…

Keith Newman02 December 2016

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Cultivating Energy Savings in Farming

04 October 2016

Photographs – Tim Whittaker To escape the clutches of commodity market economics, Hawke’s Bay farmers, orchardists and food processors are being challenged to work smarter across the value chain, and this includes improving their energy profile – using energy that’s…

Keith Newman04 October 2016

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A Plug for Electric Vehicles

15 August 2016

Electric cars moved from functional to desirable this year with the eye-catching Tesla range highlighting an emerging paradigm shift from fossil fuel to the electric dream of zero emission transport. Bloomberg New Energy Finance prophecies the 2020s will be the…

Keith Newman15 August 2016

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Controversy Renews at Ocean Beach

31 May 2016

Will Ocean Beach become a leading-edge, ecotourism destination or succumb to over-development? Its future hangs in the balance as developers prepare to challenge Hastings District Council (HDC), Maori concerns and conservationists over zoning limitations at the Environment Court later this…

Keith Newman31 May 2016

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Velodrome … Spinning Wheels?

31 March 2016

Napier City Council will decide whether a ‘high risk’ $15 million second tier multi-use velodrome that’s unlikely to pay its way will go ahead or not after a revised business case is tabled in June. Velodrome visionaries have not been…

Keith Newman31 March 2016

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Square Heart Needs Arrow

31 January 2016

Welcome to the vibrant heart of Hastings; cultural gateway to the East Coast with integrated state of the art library-gallery-digital innovation hub, majestic heritage buildings, world class hotel and business centre connected by performance spaces, eateries and quirky retail outlets.…

Keith Newman31 January 2016