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How Smart is Your Home?

24 November 2017

The smart home typically embraces an ecosystem of devices, gadgets and appliances with imbedded chips or sensors that can be managed through a central hub via remote control, web browser, smartphone or tablet. Before driving home you might draw the…

Keith Newman24 November 2017

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Bay Biodiversity Blitz

14 November 2017

Hawke’s Bay environmentalists are uniting around the lo y goal of restoring at-risk native species and ecosystems, while planning a massive biodiversity blitz that aims to create the nation’s  first predator-free zone. “It’s crunch time” for improving our environment and its…

Keith Newman14 November 2017

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Streaming turns to digital torrent

01 October 2017

Streaming Turns to Digital Torrent The market has gone from famine to feast in five years with appointment viewing and channel flicking becoming less relevant, pay TV on the backfoot, and subscription streaming over the internet becoming the new normal.…

Keith Newman01 October 2017

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Seeking Answers from Science

25 September 2017

Bay resource science at leading edge despite stretched funding. Data about Hawke’s Bay rivers, streams, land, air and ocean is increasingly being monitored, measured, managed, probed, prodded, collated and compared to meet more exacting central government environmental reporting standards ……

Keith Newman25 September 2017

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31 July 2017

New Zealand will have to wean itself off intensive agriculture, plant vast forests, commit to vehicles and factories powered by 100% renewable electricity or continue to buy carbon credits to cover its backside if it’s to meet Paris Agreement climate…

Keith Newman31 July 2017

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29 May 2017

FEBRUARY WAS A BIG MONTH for Ngati Kahungunu; just ahead of hosting 50,000 people at the Matatini kapa haka competitions, it released 1,000 Chinese lanterns into the harbour to welcome some of the superstars of that economy. The Taniwha Dragon…

Keith Newman29 May 2017

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Electric Vehicles at tipping point

29 May 2017

Despite exponential growth in global sales and the promise of 44 new models being released in New Zealand over the next three years, electric vehicles (EVs) are almost invisible in Hawke’s Bay. While buying new remains prohibitive for many buyers,…

Keith Newman29 May 2017

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Obstacle Course to Energy Saving

29 March 2017

It is annual survey of business priorities, the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) says energy conservation and reducing carbon emissions never makes it into the top three or four areas of importance. Greg Visser, EECA general manager, says businesses…

Keith Newman29 March 2017

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Scaling up the food value chain

09 February 2017

‘Add value in the food chain’ is a decades old mantra. But it’s mere rhetoric, unless we support and capitalise on the success of existing entrepreneurs, niche exporters, and the next generation of smart companies wanting to add a premium…

Keith Newman09 February 2017