Issues by Lizzie Russell

Hawke’s Bay’s Literary Pursuits


When you think of Hawke’s Bay, do you imagine a literary hub – a thriving centre of writing and publishing? If you don’t, look a little closer. There is a growing number of events and activities to keep word-lovers engaged…

Lizzie Russell10 May 2013

TAONGA MAORI connecting to place & past

Magazine Maori

Hawke’s Bay’s nationally-recognised collection of taonga Mãori will spread its wings when the new museum opens in September, as Lizzie Russell reports. Beyond what visitors will see in the exhibition spaces, there’s much more to any museum, in particular our…

Lizzie Russell30 December 2012

What’s art without an audience?


Earlier in the year I was fortunate enough to attend Creative New Zealand’s 21st Century Arts Conference 2012 in Wellington. The theme was ‘building audience capital’. The audience and their needs and wants were at the centre of it all.…

Lizzie Russell07 November 2012

The art of spring


Spring is here! And somehow the warmer months just seem more conducive to interacting with art, even if the dark, dull days might fuel the romantic image of artists toiling away in coal-heated garrets. In Hawke’s Bay, when the sun…

Lizzie Russell07 September 2012

State of the arts


In a region fractured by political and city lines, it often seems as if the Hawke’s Bay arts sector is split too – funded by different councils and schemes, catering to specific groups, largely un-coordinated, and unaware of what one…

Lizzie Russell04 July 2012

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