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Winter Inspiration

01 August 2019

June, 2019. It’s Sunday morning, another Hawke’s Bay blue-skied, windless, winter’s morning.  June and I have rescued the last of the tomatoes and stumbled with joy upon the odd hidden kūmara.  I hear the sounds of Haden, Hamish and James…

Mary Kippenberger01 August 2019

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It’s Only Love

01 June 2019

I am sitting at the table of our Rotorua AirBnB. We have eight days of storytelling in front of us and two weeks behind us the Christchurch massacre.  In The Warehouse today I hugged two strangers – the checkout woman…

Mary Kippenberger01 June 2019

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Sexy Onions

01 April 2019

It’s 11 pm and The Frank Burkitt Band have sung their last encore to rapturous acclaim. Cars can be heard bump, bump over the culvert, homeward bound. The band, fed and watered, are ready to jam into the night, reluctant…

Mary Kippenberger01 April 2019

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Dancing Lessons

01 February 2019

 It’s 9.30 am and sweltering.  I’m just back from the garden where I’ve been chatting to plants and ponies alike. No one can hear me, it’s probably best that way. Later the mokopuna will join me for pea picking, potato…

Mary Kippenberger01 February 2019

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A flattened hand, crotch lift

01 December 2018

We might have been both flooded in and out, the river may have risen higher than we have ever seen it in 30 years, causing more destruction than ever before.  We might have dug, planted, extended, mowed, weeded and encouraged…

Mary Kippenberger01 December 2018

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Time to Potter

01 October 2018

Five years ago, de Lautours from around the globe gathered to be renewed. To meet, eat and share stories. To gaze at our whakapapa plastered along echoing corridors, men in great wigs and frenchified garb gazing back with distain, assured…

Mary Kippenberger01 October 2018

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Passing the Reins

01 August 2018

It’s 5.30am and the house is quiet. I’d like to say there wasn’t a sound, not even a mouse, but I can’t.  Just as I put pen to paper I heard the ominous snap of the mouse trap, followed by…

Mary Kippenberger01 August 2018

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In Support of Frontliners

01 June 2018

I did not procure a bus by unfair means or advantage; there is no need for head shaking or mutters of ‘POOR Peter’.  Oh yes, maybe I did say with pitiful tone that I’m nearly 67 and who knows how…

Mary Kippenberger01 June 2018

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Self-Checkout & Adoring Fans

01 May 2018

I’d rather be cold than too hot. I found the summer heat wave debilitating and gave Peter some ‘You sound like your mother’ moments. It’s a very effective sentence. I was at Pak’nSave and the checkouts were snaking. I decided…

Mary Kippenberger01 May 2018