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Letter from the Country May June 2017

03 June 2017

It’s time for me to harden up. It’s time for me to at least consider the concept of harden up. Born a reluctant city girl, green paddocks and open spaces have only been my day-to-day life for 30 years and…

Mary Kippenberger03 June 2017

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Letter from the Country March April

03 April 2017

They were coming. From far and wide they were coming. In planes, on buses, in buses, cars, campervans, caravans, motorhomes, motorbikes, they were on their way … on their way to Te Rangi. The whanau, the wwoofers, even the grandies…

Mary Kippenberger03 April 2017

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Letter from the Country

04 February 2017

Food … I can’t promise you mouthwatering recipes. I can’t promise glossy photographic evidence of my culinary prowess. That my son Matthew is a stunning chef will ever be a mystery to me. 52 years ago I learned to stuff…

Mary Kippenberger04 February 2017

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Letter from the Country November December 2016

24 December 2016

it’s early Saturday morning. Tents and buses lie quiet, their inner charges open mouthed in gentle slumber. Morning will be a rude awakening. Nothing much to see but a solitary grandmother in tee-shirt nighty, long sturdy gumboots, suction cupping her…

Mary Kippenberger24 December 2016

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Letter from the Country

02 October 2016

When we arrived back from Canada it was 1964. I was 13 years old. New Zealand was far different from the society I had spent the last ten years in. There was a pre-American innocence here. I remember the shock…

Mary Kippenberger02 October 2016

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05 August 2016

For 53 years I have never been without a horse, but today I have no horses outside my bedroom window. Today I won’t put covers on or take covers off. I won’t pick up poo. I won’t change their paddocks,…

Mary Kippenberger05 August 2016

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The Tale of Toru

05 June 2016

Katie was eight years old and wanted a puppy. A specific puppy. A next-door puppy; a little-ball-of-scruff puppy. “No, no,” I said with firm intent. “No, no,” I said emphatically. “Ask your father,” I said with resignation. Fingers were twisted…

Mary Kippenberger05 June 2016

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Not 35 Anymore

06 April 2016

My name is Mary Kippenberger and I am not 35 anymore. It wasn’t the child who wondered why my skin didn’t fit. It wasn’t being directed to sit in a chair for the family reunion photograph. It wasn’t our eligibility…

Mary Kippenberger06 April 2016