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Keeping Time

01 August 2018

Steve and Bev Nathan moved from Auckland to Hawke’s Bay in 2006 and immediately bought a vineyard. Steve thought it was the thing you do when you move to Hawke’s Bay. So they bought a small chardonnay block and created…

Matthew Miller01 August 2018

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Cricket and Conservation

29 January 2018

We know that participation in sport enriches lives and connects the community. And an active population is much healthier. The combination of regular exercise and social bonding of organised sport are the perfect preventative for the modern-day plagues of obesity,…

Matthew Miller29 January 2018

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Advertising with artificial intelligence

23 December 2017

Advertising your small business isn’t what it used to be. In the pre-Google epoch, there was a big yellow book which was delivered free of charge to every home and office in the land. The big yellow book contained the…

Matthew Miller23 December 2017

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Bom dia, Fingermark

02 October 2017

Since his arrival in Havelock North, Luke Irving has been a welcome addition to Hawke’s Bay’s business milieu. In 2016 Luke decided that his digital signage and touchscreen company, Fingermark Global, did not need to be based in Auckland and…

Matthew Miller02 October 2017

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Machine Learning … about You!

02 August 2017

It seems that every year in digital economy, a new concept emerges and everyone starts using it when hawking the benefits of their products or services. For example, five years ago it was The Cloud, the place where software was…

Matthew Miller02 August 2017

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Visiting Digital Ground Zero

03 April 2017

The digital world is moving too quickly for a lot of people. Business models are changing fast, and lifestyles are struggling to keep up. My wife George and I recently got the chance to see what was happening at Ground Zero…

Matthew Miller03 April 2017

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Digital Degustation

04 February 2017

Not long ago, buying food online was seen as a strange, outlandish concept. David Chapman, co-owner of Taradale- based school lunch ordering service Lunch Online, tells me that when the service launched in 2011, the idea that parents of school…

Matthew Miller04 February 2017

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Indelible: Making its Video Mark

24 December 2016

tv and video have changed almost beyond recognition in the last ten years. Traditional TVs and broadcasters are becoming less and less relevant for video marketers. We’ve gone from DVD players, USB drives, and cathode ray screens to Netflix, tablets,…

Matthew Miller24 December 2016

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Social Media Despair

04 October 2016

The digital transformation enabled by high-speed broadband and smart devices continues to transform the way New Zealanders live, in nearly every aspect of our lives. How we work to how we shop. How we consume news and entertainment; our social…

Matthew Miller04 October 2016