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Watery Origins

29 January 2018

Ko wai? No wai? Mo wai? Who are you? Where did you come from? Who do you stand for? This is a traditional greeting protocol of Maori. “Wai” means water, so “Ko wai?” literally means where are your birthing waters…

Ngahiwi Tomoana29 January 2018

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05 June 2016

Aplaneload of American adoptive parents met and cuddled these babies for the first time before whisking them off to the States to become Americans. No sooner had they left than another planeload arrived. A further wave of excited parents also…

Ngahiwi Tomoana05 June 2016

Re-discovering Māori commercial mojo

04 July 2012

Prior to Pakeha coming to these shores Ngãti Kahungunu was commercially focused, as were all iwi. We traded and bartered with each other and there was a small but definite trade trail back into the Pacific selling pounamu for kúmara…

Ngahiwi Tomoana04 July 2012