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CBDs Are Social Centres

01 December 2018

Our town centres are the heart of our communities. Our CBDs are social history mirrors and their change and vibrancy tell a tale.  When founded 145 years ago (1873), Hastings was undoubtedly raw and fledgling. Its history of booms and…

Pat Turley01 December 2018

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Property Values in 2028 … An Economic Barometer

01 October 2018

Ten years have passed since the 2007/08 global financial crisis. Our company reporting in mid-2008 said: “It’s a headwind with a high chill factor.” Property market adjustments were not immediate, particularly for leasing. By early 2009, we reported that the…

Pat Turley01 October 2018

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The Ruataniwha Roars

01 August 2018

Māori mythology tells a story of a boy who fell into a lake and two taniwha fought over his body. The lashing of their tails broke through the eastern bank forming the Tukituki and Waipawa rivers, draining the lake and…

Pat Turley01 August 2018