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Save our plains


Everyone knows that Hawke’s Bay has an exceptional climate and an incredible aquifer. The regional resource that is least understood and appreciated are the soils of the Heretaunga Plains. While…

Paul Paynter30 September 2020

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Water’s the Issue… Again


Outside of the mayoral contests, the local body elections look like a bit of a yawn to many.  My now constantly groaning, rumbling, pulsating and still traumatised digestive tract reminds…

Paul Paynter10 September 2019

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Representation or Tribalism?


It was “morally and ethically the right thing to do,” said councillor O’Keefe. Or was it “a very sad day for democracy”, as characterised by councillor Heaps.  The issue that…

Paul Paynter01 August 2019

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How to Make 2019 Better


Here are five steps you can take in 2019 that will improve your life and the wellbeing of our entire community. Embrace Moderation – How about we drink less alcohol? …

Paul Paynter01 February 2019

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Making the Port Call


“Napier Port is proudly owned by the people of Hawke’s Bay. The Regional Council is committed to keeping it that way,” declares HBRC’s ‘Our Port’ consultation document.  Err, well they’re…

Paul Paynter01 December 2018

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Tolerating Israel Folau


Even heard of Godwin’s Law? Mike Godwin, a lawyer in the US, showed remarkable foresight when he declared all the way back in 1990 that:  “As an online discussion grows…

Paul Paynter01 August 2018

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Hiding Behind “N****r”


“€SEND IN YOUR NOMINATIONS for New Zealand’s Person of the Year,” said the radio announcer. I thought for a moment. “I think I’ll nominate Brian Tamaki,” I suggested to my…

Paul Paynter02 August 2017

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Heed the Oracle of Omaha

Voices Housing

Economics is exciting; exciting because it’s not about money or business, it’s about people. It’s the study of madness of crowds, their frothy exuberance and their hand-wringing despair. Hawke’s Bay…

Paul Paynter05 August 2016

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Have you ever suffered a mental illness? Do you have a phobia? What about an anxiety disorder? Or have you ever made a mind-bogglingly stupid decision? Any inkling of a…

Paul Paynter08 June 2015

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