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Climate change: The false hope of salvation

01 December 2019

If I mention climate change will you stop reading? I think a lot of people would. The reason is that it’s too often predictable, preachy and grim, long on rhetoric and short on practical solutions. When someone does say something…

Paul Paynter01 December 2019

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Water’s the Issue… Again

10 September 2019

Outside of the mayoral contests, the local body elections look like a bit of a yawn to many.  My now constantly groaning, rumbling, pulsating and still traumatised digestive tract reminds me daily of the big issue at hand. It was…

Paul Paynter10 September 2019

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Representation or Tribalism?

01 August 2019

It was “morally and ethically the right thing to do,” said councillor O’Keefe. Or was it “a very sad day for democracy”, as characterised by councillor Heaps.  The issue that so polarised councillors was the appointment of a single Māori…

Paul Paynter01 August 2019

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Confront the poison, don’t censor

01 June 2019

I’m still finding it hard to make sense of the massacre in Christchurch. I’m battling with emotion and disbelief, the censorship of information, and a raft of strange behaviours. In the first days and hours after trauma, decisions are often…

Paul Paynter01 June 2019

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Plastic … No Quick Fix

01 April 2019

Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane.  Go on, have another crack at it. In a world frustratingly awash with acronyms, we can at least recognise this one – DDT, that brutally toxic and offensively long-lived organochlorine pesticide used most widely in the 50s and 60s. …

Paul Paynter01 April 2019

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How to Make 2019 Better

01 February 2019

Here are five steps you can take in 2019 that will improve your life and the wellbeing of our entire community. Embrace Moderation – How about we drink less alcohol?  I heard a health guru a while back say 20%…

Paul Paynter01 February 2019

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Making the Port Call

01 December 2018

“Napier Port is proudly owned by the people of Hawke’s Bay. The Regional Council is committed to keeping it that way,” declares HBRC’s ‘Our Port’ consultation document.  Err, well they’re 51% committed to keeping it that way. The HBRC are…

Paul Paynter01 December 2018

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Ten Years is Time Enough

01 October 2018

Ten years is a good interval on which to assess progress.  Sure, there are shooting stars that by some act of mercurial brilliance achieve something meaningful in a lesser time, but these are unquestionably the exception. Most are devoid of…

Paul Paynter01 October 2018

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Tolerating Israel Folau

01 August 2018

Even heard of Godwin’s Law? Mike Godwin, a lawyer in the US, showed remarkable foresight when he declared all the way back in 1990 that:  “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Hitler approaches 1.” …

Paul Paynter01 August 2018