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Slash and Regenerate


Editor’s Note: Hopefully you’ve read Re-boot or Revolution, from our Jul/Aug magazine, in which David Trubridge, Bruce Bisset and Paul Paynter discuss the ruination of Hawke’s Bay (and the planet) via rampant capitalism and dysfunctional democracy. After that, you might…

Phyliss Tichinin03 August 2020

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Food Myths

Health Food

And soon we’re going to have to document for consumers in real time that our agricultural practices actually deliver these social goods. I make no bones about it – I think that if we screw over our soils by nuking…

Phyliss Tichinin01 December 2019

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Orgasmic Peaches

Health Food

Hawke’s Bay has a great growing climate … aside from the wind. We also have some great soils. And we have water for irrigation. But most of us are coasting on our illusory laurels of food quality. Yes, we have…

Phyliss Tichinin04 February 2017

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Roundup … Friend or Foe?


Roundup, the farmer’s and backyard gardener’s harmless friend … or not? The most ubiquitous of weed killers, most likely there’s some in your garage or shed right now. Over the past forty years users and consumers have been told it…

Phyliss Tichinin08 June 2015

A Fresh Soil Campaign for Hawke’s Bay


Hats off to the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council! On second thought… HBRC actually has a Resource Management Plan Objective 38 that states there should be no long-term degradation of the physical or biological properties of the soil. This would be…

Phyliss Tichinin09 September 2013

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Just Like Children & Snuffles


Hawke’s Bay … home of lovely fruit, scenic rivers, pristine beaches and a commitment to sustainable agriculture. Is this a Tui moment? We say we’re concerned about the environmental footprint of farming. That we’re leading the way with management practices…

Phyliss Tichinin30 December 2012

Let’s grow stellar foods


I’m committed to a Hawke’s Bay that possesses the purest water, the best health statistics, the most contented citizens and a worldwide reputation for awesome food grown on biologically humming soils. My vision for the region in twenty years is…

Phyliss Tichinin27 December 2011

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