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Bali Bliss

02 October 2017

A hop, skip and nine-hour jump took us to our blissful Bali holiday. This island is a foodie’s paradise with everything you could ever dream of eating or drinking served on or in bamboo, a banana leaf, coconut bowl, cocktail…

Prue Barton02 October 2017

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Taste Spring

24 December 2016

the allure of locally-grown produce, abundant seafood and the opportunity to forage for your own has lured some of the country’s finest chefs to the region. James Beck, Jeremy Rameka and David Griffiths have all established restaurants within close proximity…

Prue Barton24 December 2016

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From Market to Market

05 August 2016

Markets are intriguing environments. Over the years I have visited some truly memorable markets both locally and overseas. Hometown markets are generally easy to navigate as language, produce and locality are understood. In foreign locations I often feel like I…

Prue Barton05 August 2016

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06 February 2016

There is something unbelievably satisfying about eating vegetables picked straight from your own garden and meal planning can be based on what is ready to gather. Many local Hawke’s Bay restaurateurs and chefs are now embracing the uniqueness of having…

Prue Barton06 February 2016

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06 October 2015

Since we opened Mister D Dining in 2012 at 47 Tennyson there is new retail growth and a sharpening of the hospitality trade. Looking out of the window one might even imagine a Parisian feel with the striped awnings of…

Prue Barton06 October 2015

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08 December 2014

Starting at the Tukituki Estuary, which is located between East Clive and Haumoana, I am on the hunt for ‘baiters’ as they are often called. The whitebait season runs from mid- August until the end of November and it is…

Prue Barton08 December 2014

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Taste Cinque Terre

12 October 2014

Hugging cliff-top roads, dodging precarious Fiat-driving Italians and honking horns, we venture into the port town of Portovenere. This is the beginning of the Cinque Terre, unofficially called the ‘sixth village’, and it is here that we will spend five…

Prue Barton12 October 2014


09 June 2014

Hauling on my hiking boots and adjusting my backpack I am ready for a cross-country hike Hawke’s Bay style, versus the Spanish ‘Santiago de Compostela’ one. I’ve heard there are fossils in ‘dem hills’ and I am ready to investigate…

Prue Barton09 June 2014


01 April 2014

Tacked up and ready, I lead my pony to the gate. Swinging it open, being mindful of speeding cars, I decide to explore the Bridge Pa Triangle. We are both ready for a little adventure and exercise. Hacking off down…

Prue Barton01 April 2014