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Moving Skin Cancer Out of the Shade

29 January 2018

The friendly lady, probably in her early sixties, noticed the look of concern. Covered in countless small lesions, she turned to me and said “Don’t be alarmed, it’s a treatment for skin cancer. Growing up I spent a lot of…

Sarah Cates29 January 2018

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Turning the Tide on Drowning

16 January 2018

In October 2017 Hawke’s Bay swimming legend John Beaumont died, a man who had committed his life to swimming. Countless numbers of Havelock North children were taught how to swim under his – some would say – ‘rough love’ but…

Sarah Cates16 January 2018

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Coffee... Elixir of Health?

23 December 2017

“There seems to be so many conflicting views. One day coffee is the best drink ever, the next it’s not. But, I believe if they turned around tomorrow and said coffee is bad for you, I really don’t think we…

Sarah Cates23 December 2017

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Getting Off the Podium

24 October 2017

SHAMEFULLY, NEW ZEALAND IS ON THE PODIUM– achieving bronze, with the third-highest incidence of unhealthy weight in adults and children within the OECD. The grip of our obesity epidemic is likely to ‘win’ us gold, as it is projected Kiwi…

Sarah Cates24 October 2017

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Needles or Pills?

02 August 2017

Are you afraid of needles? Then the thought of a therapy that inserts needles into the body as a method of healing may switch you right off. However, many other New Zealanders are looking at acupuncture as an alternative solution…

Sarah Cates02 August 2017

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The Nuka System of Care

03 April 2017

Tracee Te Huia was fustrated. As general manager of Maori Health at Hawke’s Bay District Health Board, she said, “I couldn’t understand it. We have integrated teams, committed staff, and great leaders. We are working hard to form strong partnerships…

Sarah Cates03 April 2017

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The Science of Taste

04 February 2017

Take a jelly bean. Hold your nose and give it a chew. What sensations do you observe? Actually, even before you placed it in your mouth, especially if you like jelly beans, you’ve probably started a complex chain of reactions…

Sarah Cates04 February 2017

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Going for the Green Gold

04 October 2016

We all know an O’Rouke, O’Sullivan or a Fitzpatrick. In fact 600,000 Kiwis have our beginnings in the Emerald Isles. We share potatoes, St Paddy’s Day, beer, work ethics, digging the soil, milking cows, humour and music. We both export…

Sarah Cates04 October 2016

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Healthy Home Heating

05 August 2016

Unfortunately, this time of year brings its own smoke-filled legacy. Words such as ‘emissions’, ‘ambient air quality ’, ‘PM 10’, and ‘respiratory illness’ start hitting the headlines. The health effects of ambient air pollution in NZ were first assessed in…

Sarah Cates05 August 2016