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Fighting for Luca

Lifestyle Housing

When BayBuzz last spoke to single mum Ashlee, she was feeling overwhelmed, beaten down by a system that had all but forgotten about her and Luca, her nine-year-old high-needs son. …

Sophie Price01 October 2019

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Election Action


We believe the mayoral races and the make-up of the Regional Council are where the action is in this year’s elections. Damon Harvey action man! It is leadership indecisiveness that…

Sophie Price01 August 2019

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Women Want to Lead


Alex Walker: “I’ve only just begun!”  Three years ago Alex Walker put her hand up to lead a council that was rotting. A 12-year sewage problem, a building consent department…

Sophie Price01 June 2019

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Green Vs. Green


Almost two years ago, a decision was made by the Department of Conservation Director General Lou Sanson to swap out 22 hectares of protected land for 170 hectares of private…

Sophie Price25 September 2017

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The Man with a Plan


On 19 June James Palmer took over as chief executive of the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council. As he wades into troubled waters, what might we expect? The last twelve months…

Sophie Price31 July 2017

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Napier Meltdown


  If someone said only twelve months ago that the art deco palace that is Napier City Council would be crumbling down around its would be king – chief executive…

Sophie Price29 May 2017

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So, You Want to Be Mayor?


In an election where the three- candidate math should give the clear edge to the incumbent who’s previously won a majority of the ballots, will the gastro-disaster dramatically change the…

Sophie Price04 October 2016

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