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Green Vs. Green

25 September 2017

Almost two years ago, a decision was made by the Department of Conservation Director General Lou Sanson to swap out 22 hectares of protected land for 170 hectares of private farmland. To do this, he had to downgrade the ‘specially…

Sophie Price25 September 2017

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The Man with a Plan

31 July 2017

On 19 June James Palmer took over as chief executive of the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council. As he wades into troubled waters, what might we expect? The last twelve months have been turbulent for the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council. The…

Sophie Price31 July 2017

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Wanted: Environment Champion

31 July 2017

LABOUR’S ENVIRONMENT SPOKEPERSON  David Parker has been outspoken on water issues, calling for swimmable rivers, fewer dairy cows, less nitrogen in our waterways, requiring consents for intensified farming, and tougher enforcement of rules by both regional councils (whose e effectiveness…

Sophie Price31 July 2017

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Napier Meltdown

29 May 2017

  If someone said only twelve months ago that the art deco palace that is Napier City Council would be crumbling down around its would be king – chief executive Wayne Jack – no one would believe it. FOR YEARS…

Sophie Price29 May 2017

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Half-time at the Havelock Water Inquiry

03 April 2017

So grave was the situation, New Zealand’s Attorney General, Chris Finlayson, called for a Government Inquiry. THE INQUIRY, WHICH STARTED LAST OCTOBER , was set up to look at how the Havelock North water supply became contaminated, how this was…

Sophie Price03 April 2017

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Something In The Water.

02 December 2016

“Good Afternoon. This is just to give you all an update on a developing issue we [are] just becoming aware of,” the DHB’s Maree Rohleder said in a 12.53pm email. The issue was that the HDC had alerted the DHB…

Sophie Price02 December 2016