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Video streaming coming to Hastings Council

04 October 2017

Prior to my own election in 2013, I petitioned the Regional Council and the Hastings Council to initiate video recording of council meetings. The HBRC began to do so, starting initially with only full Council meetings, but then adding standing…

Tom Belford04 October 2017

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Future Farming Centre for Hawke's Bay

01 October 2017

[Editor’s Note: This article was originally written before the last Regional Council election in 2016. Our automated system went ‘rogue’ and re-published it this week. The good news is that good ideas endure. The ‘Future Farming’ concept has been gaining…

Tom Belford01 October 2017

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Our Energy Future

01 October 2017

Globally, an energy revolution is occurring. Will Hawke’s Bay be an early adopter or a slow learner? For most consumers, energy is a ‘take for granted’ aspect of our lives. When the ‘system’ is working, we tend to think about…

Tom Belford01 October 2017

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Two Shades of Grey

01 October 2017

Two Shades of Grey That’s not surprising. Conventional political wisdom is that mainstream parties shouldn’t rock the boat during campaigns. Thus their campaign platforms and pronouncements tend toward the vanilla – cherry vanilla from one and vanilla praline from the…

Tom Belford01 October 2017

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Who will power the Consumers' Power Trust?

17 September 2017

Sandwiched between our parliamentary election, culminating on September 23rd and the Hastings mayoral election, results on November 25th, is the far more ‘under the radar’ election of five trustees to the Hawke’s Bay Power Consumers’ Trust (HBPCT). HBPCT, as most…

Tom Belford17 September 2017

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Listening to the People

31 July 2017

I’m trying to pace myself through the new season of House of Cards on Netflix, trying to watch only one episode per week. This requires major self-discipline, especially when my wife urges binge viewing. Switching back and forth between President…

Tom Belford31 July 2017

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29 May 2017

It’s hard to choose where to begin in writing an update on the multitude of water issues confronting Hawke’s Bay. Every part of the region is grappling with challenges involving water quality or supply, and the land use issues that…

Tom Belford29 May 2017

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Farmer Steps Up for Lake Tutira

01 April 2017

The Regional Council proposes to significantly step-up a community-wide effort to clean-up Lake Tutira … and further, to make that area a model of integrated management to achieve all of the environmental, economic and social benefits that are latent in…

Tom Belford01 April 2017

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Changing Lives

29 March 2017

Just as when he set out decades ago to build a world-class medical publishing business. Just as when he launched Sileni Estate in 1998, sending winemaker Grant Edmonds a cheque book with the instructions: “I want to see the first vineyard…

Tom Belford29 March 2017