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At Home with Global Warming

01 August 2018

Elsewhere in this edition you’ll find disturbing updates on the global warming challenge – 400 consecutive months of above-average temperatures, a threat to 30% of the world’s veggie production, accelerated species extinction. Add in faster melting ice sheets and slower…

Tom Belford01 August 2018

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01 June 2018

LTPs  ‘Tis the season of heavy lifting for councils as they come to terms with ratepayers over long-term spending priorities. Our councils will have closed their submission windows by mid-May (HBRC and CHBDC already closed), with public hearings during May…

Tom Belford01 June 2018

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Please Take Our BayBuzz Reader Survey

02 April 2018

Every couple of years we do an informal online reader survey to help us in two ways: Identify improvements we can make to BayBuzz magazine and/or our online presence. Help better describe our BayBuzz community to advertisers and ‘would-be’ subscribers.…

Tom Belford02 April 2018

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Catch-up Money

01 April 2018

Money – specifically, ratepayer money – is the hot topic of the day as the region’s five councils each conduct public consultation on their long term plans (LTPs). LTPs are the vehicles that attach funding to councils’ programme priorities, with…

Tom Belford01 April 2018

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Ambitious Long Term Plan from HBRC

17 March 2018

Last Wednesday, the Regional Council adopted its draft LTP, which will now go to the public for consultation. In its first year, this LTP proposes an increase that will average $1 per week across all Hawke’s Bay ratepayers. By a…

Tom Belford17 March 2018

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Reluctant Camper … Paul Paynter

29 January 2018

Heaps of Kiwis, especially in Hawke’s Bay, are zealous campers. However, to Paul Paynter, ‘roughing it’ means staying in a mere ‘3-Star hotel with a hot tub’. In his youth, camping consisted of an occasional sleep on the beach, and…

Tom Belford29 January 2018

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Slow Simmer Threatens Our Coasts

29 January 2018

In terms of the multitude of foreseeable adverse impacts of global warming, perhaps none is more ominous to this island nation than sea rise and increasingly severe storm events that will endanger and, in some cases, inundate our coastal communities…

Tom Belford29 January 2018

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Our Summer Faves

29 January 2018

Thanks to all our readers and friends who responded to the BayBuzz ‘Summer in Hawke’s Bay’ online survey. Your responses, while not meant to represent a ‘scientific’ sampling of our population, offer some fascinating insight into the activities and places…

Tom Belford29 January 2018

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Is Oil Development in Hawke’s Bay Out of Gas?

24 November 2017

Public concern over potential oil and gas development in Hawke’s Bay has simmered over the last five years, triggered initially by the Government’s awarding of both onshore and offshore exploration permits in our region.  Initial feasibility studies projected that as…

Tom Belford24 November 2017