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Needed: More local news and info, not less!

Coronavirus threatens the viability of BayBuzz, like most other businesses.

Given the Government’s ban on printed magazines, we have an expanded online strategy for communicating with you in the difficult isolating months ahead, but we will need your special help.

Our plan is predicated on the entire BayBuzz editorial team working for no compensation for the foreseeable future, given that advertisers have folded their tents “until further notice”.

BB Online
Fortunately, since the new year we had begun steps to expand our online reporting significantly. We’ve
begun preparing our website for augmented content and daily refreshing, developed the template for The Buzz– a weekly email-delivered update on news and other content, and worked out the editorial and
logistical processes for generating substantially more content, more frequently.

So, the online building blocks are largely in place, but still need refinement, completion and further
investment. With your help, we will proceed to launch our new online services within a week to ten days.

BB magazine
On hold for now. But will re-launch when Government gives the green light. Our editorial team will donate their effort, but we will face ‘hard’ production and distribution costs … and at least with the first edition, ‘soft’ advertising support.

Taken together – the ‘hard’ costs of expanding of our online service and, eventually, printing and distributing the ‘re-launch’ magazine – would total about $25,000, which we need to raise.

I am asking you today to contribute toward the funds we need to take these steps to better serve our community in the difficult months ahead.

And I note again, your contribution will be more than matched by the volunteered time of our editorial team.

Our alternative is to ‘go dark’ for the duration.

Thank you for considering our appeal.

Stay well!

Tom Belford
Publisher & Editor

Donation Options

Option 1 – Pay online, just fill in this online form, choose the amount you would like to donate, then proceed to Paypal where you can use your credit card or Paypal account to make a secure payment.

Option 2 – Electronic bank transfer, just transfer your donation to BayBuzz at: BNZ acct. no. 02-0655-0083775-000. Please identify yourself as the payer. Email your address details to editors@baybuzz.co.nz or post them to: BayBuzz, PO Box 8322, Havelock North. 

Option 3 – Donate by cheque

Send your address details and cheque payable to BayBuzz to: BayBuzz, PO Box 8322, Havelock North


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