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Why Donate to BayBuzz?

We know you want to be connected to the buzz of Hawke’s Bay. To get exclusive insight into HB issues, people and lifestyle. To ‘bee’ in the know!


In a small market like Hawke’s Bay, advertising and subscriptions alone can’t support the quality of editorial work we want to deliver … and we think you expect.

BayBuzz doesn’t hesitate to ‘rattle the cage’ as we dig into the issues. That makes some would-be advertisers nervous.

And not everybody in Hawke’s Bay is as interested as you (or can devote the time) to understand the important challenges we have in our community and how they might make a difference. That’s understandable.

But it does mean that we need extra help from our committed readers — typically people who do want to see change, expect greater transparency, learn innovative approaches, and hold councils and elected officials accountable.

Our major features on the environment, the region’s economic and social challenges, and our councils’ various shenanigans and pet schemes require heaps of research, reading and interviewing, digesting and writing.

And now we cover an even wider swath of HB — food, events, arts and people.

Then add considerably more effort to present all that content with engaging design and first-rate photography … and a supporting website. The costs mount up.

Issue-focused publications throughout the world — whether The Guardian, the Vermont Digger or the NY Times — face the same funding challenges and are increasingly turning to their most committed readers for extra support to do their most serious investigation and reporting.

Please consider topping off your subscription with an additional contribution, or simply make a donation. Any amount will help. Your donation will be earmarked for our feature editorial research and writing.

Thank you for your support.

Tom Belford
Publisher & Editor

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