While no issues are off-limits to BayBuzz, our ongoing coverage focuses in these areas:

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Looking at the trends and businesses that affect the prosperity of the Bay

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Protecting the #1 asset of the Bay ... our water, soil, biodiversity and landscapes.

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With climate change, an agricultural sector strongly affected by energy-related costs, the prospect of oil & gas development, and major opportunities to utilise alternative energy sources, Hawke's Bay is becoming more focused on its energy future.

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Water quality. Water storage. Water allocation. Top of mind for a region that likes to grow stuff, yet wishes to protect its freshwater ecosystems and recreation opportunities, as well as its aquifers.

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Investigating what’s going on and who our elected officials are listening to on occasions when they appear to be ignoring the public; supporting transparency and robust public involvement; advocating local government consolidation

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About half of the Bay's economy is related to growing and agribusiness -- all dependent in turn on how smart we are about using our land and soil sustainably to achieve highest productivity.

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Assessing the role of the District Health Board and other health organisations in ensuring the quality of our health care here in the Bay

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Hawke's Bay ranks at the bottom of many socio-economic measures. What are we going to do about it?

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Looking closely at how and why, and how well, Councillors spend your money, and how closely their spending matches your priorities

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Maori represent almost 25% of Hawke's Bay's population, presenting our region with unique challenges and opportunities. And as Treaty claims are settled in our region, Maori involvement in our local governance and economy will increase.

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