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Off With his head


It is a garbled mass of imagery: Classical Greece is juxtaposed with ancient Egypt, or is it the Aztecs, whose pyramids were used for bloody sacrifices. High atop a cenotaph…

David Trubridge08 June 2015

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Have you ever suffered a mental illness? Do you have a phobia? What about an anxiety disorder? Or have you ever made a mind-bogglingly stupid decision? Any inkling of a…

Paul Paynter08 June 2015

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Kitchen Envy


It could be said that Andy Coltart has seen more kitchens than he’s had hot dinners. He’s a design connoisseur, an architectural maven and one of the people behind the…

Clare Tanton08 June 2015

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Ahuriri Estuary


Ahuriri Estuary is one of our special places. It holds deep cultural and historical importance for local Māori and provides us with much-loved recreational opportunities. Moreover, it’s of national significance…

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Political Buzz


In many ways, politically in Hawke’s Bay we seem to be adrift in the calm before the storm. A variety of critically important decisions loom before us, or in some…

Tom Belford29 May 2015

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Going Clubbing


Social clubs play a cohesive role in society bringing like-minded people together for fun and fellowship. And there’s something for everyone in Hawke’s Bay. BayBuzz delves deeper into an eclectic…

Keith Newman29 May 2015

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Toot Your Own Horn


Late last year singer, songwriter, poet Leonard Cohen turned 80 and announced he would recommence smoking, a habit he’d abandoned in his fifties. Speculation is he decided to ‘set aside…

Jess Soutar Barron26 May 2015

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