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The Tale of Toru

Lifestyle Voices

Katie was eight years old and wanted a puppy. A specific puppy. A next-door puppy; a little-ball-of-scruff puppy. “No, no,” I said with firm intent. “No, no,” I said emphatically. “Ask your father,” I said with resignation. Fingers were twisted…

Mary Kippenberger05 June 2016

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We Should be Smarter Now

Lifestyle Voices

I am bred, not born here. My family comes from ‘up North’, but my earliest memories are of growing up across from Cornwall Park in Tomoana Road (Hastings). I had a wonderful adolescence at Awarua Crescent (Havelock North), my family…

Miles Robertson05 June 2016

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To Darwin To Pearl

Lifestyle Voices

“I’m from Wairoa, originally”, said one. “I’m from Porangahau”, said the other. “I’m from Taradale”, said I. “I’m surrounded by blimmin’ Kiwis,”complained the Australian. I must backtrack and set the scene. Let’s assume BayBuzz readers know Hawke’s Bay, my home.…

Charlotte Panton05 June 2016

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Voices Online

From the comfortable vantage point of our over-fed, affluent 21st century, surrounded by our uber-connected smart devices, you might be forgiven for looking at agricultural equipment as a bit boring. Perhaps a bit ‘everyday’ and not worthy of mention in…

Matthew Miller05 June 2016

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Time to Tax Fizzies?


In a recent Public Health Expert article written in reaction to the UK recently adopting a soft drink tax, doctors and public health professors summarized the NZ situation as follows … “NZ adults consume approximately 29 teaspoons of sugar per…

Tom Belford05 June 2016

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Land/Farming Voices

It is spectacularly beautiful, climbing up 500 metres around the seaward edge of the Wharerata Ranges, before rejoining SH2 on its northern descent. Low clouds snagged on the hill tops and misty rain drifted in the wind. The grassy track…

David Trubridge05 June 2016

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Opportunities Lost

Land/Farming Voices

Well I’m afraid it’s not so intriguing. We simply do not think the project stacks up financially or environmentally, and believe there are much better ways to invest $80 million to achieve our region’s economic development objectives. I suppose it’s…

Rex Graham05 June 2016

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Key to Success Is Teamwork

Lifestyle Housing

“People ask me how I’m getting on down here, meeting people and so on, and I tell them I think I’ve met just about every tradesman around, they have just been marvellous.” The irony is that Michal McKay, Hawke’s Bay’s…

Lizzie Russell05 June 2016

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Food Voices

Moosewood was popular at the time and useful for cooks, but it wasn’t mainstream. It was a way of eating squeezed into a box labelled ‘healthy’, ‘hippie’, ‘vego’, ‘alternative’! It fitted into a broader lifestyle sympathetic to the same ethos.…

Jennifer Le Comte05 June 2016

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Travel Voices

Aplaneload of American adoptive parents met and cuddled these babies for the first time before whisking them off to the States to become Americans. No sooner had they left than another planeload arrived. A further wave of excited parents also…

Ngahiwi Tomoana05 June 2016

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Grand Old Dames with Fresh New Energy


Mangapapa Hotel Originally the home of Sir James and Lady Wattie, this slice of Hawke’s Bay history was purchased by Japanese buyers in 1998. It’s just had a $4 million, six-month refurbishment, and Mangapapa has already received a TripAdvisor Travellers’…

Lizzie Russell05 June 2016

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