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To Darwin To Pearl

Lifestyle Voices

“I’m from Wairoa, originally”, said one. “I’m from Porangahau”, said the other. “I’m from Taradale”, said I. “I’m surrounded by blimmin’ Kiwis,”complained the Australian. I must backtrack and set the…

Charlotte Panton05 June 2016

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Voices Online

From the comfortable vantage point of our over-fed, affluent 21st century, surrounded by our uber-connected smart devices, you might be forgiven for looking at agricultural equipment as a bit boring.…

Matthew Miller05 June 2016

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Time to Tax Fizzies?


In a recent Public Health Expert article written in reaction to the UK recently adopting a soft drink tax, doctors and public health professors summarized the NZ situation as follows…

Tom Belford05 June 2016

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Land/Farming Voices

It is spectacularly beautiful, climbing up 500 metres around the seaward edge of the Wharerata Ranges, before rejoining SH2 on its northern descent. Low clouds snagged on the hill tops…

David Trubridge05 June 2016

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Food Voices

Moosewood was popular at the time and useful for cooks, but it wasn’t mainstream. It was a way of eating squeezed into a box labelled ‘healthy’, ‘hippie’, ‘vego’, ‘alternative’! It…

Jennifer Le Comte05 June 2016

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