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Little Silos Won’t Lift the Bay

Accountability Social

Mayor Yule’s ‘Poor but Happy’ slideshow, the one he touted around the region during the campaign, held sad statistics about employment, education, housing, and is still relevant. The consensus among decision makers today is that the socio-economic challenges facing Hawke’s…

Jess Soutar Barron15 August 2016

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A Plug for Electric Vehicles

Environment Energy

Electric cars moved from functional to desirable this year with the eye-catching Tesla range highlighting an emerging paradigm shift from fossil fuel to the electric dream of zero emission transport. Bloomberg New Energy Finance prophecies the 2020s will be the…

Keith Newman15 August 2016

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Margot make the car go!


For someone who has two vehicles parked in her driveway it’s quite shameful how little I know about how to maintain a certain vehicular standard. It is possible that this is because I haven’t been particularly interested, so I felt…

Margot Wuts05 August 2016

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From Market to Market

Food Lifestyle

Markets are intriguing environments. Over the years I have visited some truly memorable markets both locally and overseas. Hometown markets are generally easy to navigate as language, produce and locality are understood. In foreign locations I often feel like I…

Prue Barton05 August 2016

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I wish I’d made that....


It had all the elements of a perfect memory; a serendipitous lunch date, a superstar of the industry, an elegant setting, excellent food and the wine to match. It’s something winemaker Rod McDonald has never forgotten. It’s his epiphany drop, the…

Rod McDonald05 August 2016

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Heed the Oracle of Omaha

Voices Housing

Economics is exciting; exciting because it’s not about money or business, it’s about people. It’s the study of madness of crowds, their frothy exuberance and their hand-wringing despair. Hawke’s Bay is enjoying an economic renaissance, or so it seems. Many…

Paul Paynter05 August 2016

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An Email Warrior

Technology Voices Online

Still fl ush from the sale of his start-up, he didn’t feel an immediate need to work, and instead set about looking for local opportunities. There wasn’t one, so he took a blank piece of paper and started exploring ideas.…

Matthew Miller05 August 2016

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GMO Debate Continues


Editor’s note: In May, the prominent U.S. National Academy of Sciences issued a report, Genetically Engineered Crops: Experiences and Prospects. The report gives this summary: “The design and analysis of many animal- feeding studies were not optimal, but the large…

Professor Jack Heinemann05 August 2016

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Healthy Home Heating


Unfortunately, this time of year brings its own smoke-filled legacy. Words such as ‘emissions’, ‘ambient air quality ’, ‘PM 10’, and ‘respiratory illness’ start hitting the headlines. The health effects of ambient air pollution in NZ were first assessed in…

Sarah Cates05 August 2016

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