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Chefs spill the Beans


Word of warning – this is not a beginner’s guide to becoming an instant success in the kitchen. For tips on the right temperature for grilling cheese on toast, look elsewhere. But for…

Michal McKay09 February 2017

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Hungry in the Bay


Child poverty has received much focus recently in New Zealand, with the Child Poverty Monitor indicating up to a third of the country’s kids now live below the poverty line…

Bridget Freeman-Rock09 February 2017

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Kai Māori


It is super important for every person, regardless of culture, to maintain and honour their culinary traditions. There is a continuity of consciousness in the way we prepare food and…

Gretta Carney04 February 2017

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Say Cheese

Food Lifestyle

In the 70s Juliet set up The Parson’s Nose, a deli-cafe in Khandallah, Wellington. Four years later she sold up and set sail for a sabbatical in Europe. It lasted…

Michal McKay04 February 2017

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Veggie Garden Basics


Here’s a quick-guide launch to get you growing over the summer. Worried you’ve missed the boat? In sunny Hawke’s Bay, where we’re blessed with the country’s best food-growing climate, it’s…

Bridget Freeman-Rock04 February 2017

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Food Voices

Paul is a renter. He’s tried to slough off that moniker many times over the past five years, but one thing (cider making machinery), or the other (a pear orchard)…

Jess Soutar Barron04 February 2017

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The Science of Taste

Health Food

Take a jelly bean. Hold your nose and give it a chew. What sensations do you observe? Actually, even before you placed it in your mouth, especially if you like…

Sarah Cates04 February 2017

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Health Food Lifestyle

While obesity rates are up, awareness around nutrition is too. In answering the BayBuzz ‘How We Eat’ survey, our readers shared their specific dietary habits/ preferences, showing that the majority…

Lizzie Russell04 February 2017

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We hope you enjoy seeing in this report how you fit into the Hawke’s Bay foodie profile represented by our nearly 500 responders. So, how do we see ourselves when…

Tom Belford04 February 2017

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