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Egg White Fantasy

Lifestyle Voices

Butterflies of the stomach variety are, for me at this grand age, often missing in fl ight. I don’t count the days to my birthday, but I do love vicariously watching other butterfl ies dance as the grandies mark the…

Mary Kippenberger24 December 2017

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The New Masters


EIT’s art and design division – ideaschool – has this year produced its first cohort of graduates from the newly established post-grad programme, the Masters of Professional Creative Practice / Te Hono ki Toi (Poutiriao). Raewyn Paterson, Susan Mabin, Pita…

Lizzie Russell24 December 2017

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Cricket Craftsmanship

Other Voices

I love cricket. I’ve been playing and watching it all my life. With Hawke’s Bay days getting longer and warmer, rugby and soccer boots are hung up and the sound of leather upon willow becomes more prevalent as the region’s…

Andrew Frame23 December 2017

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The government of my dreams

Politics Voices

I missed the election. I was in Europe and felt quite sad about it. I didn’t realise how much I enjoy the understated theatrics of election day in the provinces. The ritual of turning up at my old school hall,…

Paul Paynter23 December 2017

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Coffee... Elixir of Health?


“There seems to be so many conflicting views. One day coffee is the best drink ever, the next it’s not. But, I believe if they turned around tomorrow and said coffee is bad for you, I really don’t think we…

Sarah Cates23 December 2017

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From Acorns to Himalayan Oaks


In Jean Giono’s beautiful ecological parable, The Man Who Planted Trees, a reclusive shepherd single-handedly, acorn by acorn, plants an entire forest in a remote war-ravaged valley in France. The waters return, the birds, the creatures; one man’s simple, daily…

Bridget Freeman-Rock23 December 2017

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Take Me Home


For some, the rocketing property boom is a barrier to buying. For others, it’s merely a challenge. We found four families in Hawke’s Bay whose ideas on what makes a house a home are far from mainstream. With a combination…

Michal McKay02 December 2017

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How Smart is Your Home?


The smart home typically embraces an ecosystem of devices, gadgets and appliances with imbedded chips or sensors that can be managed through a central hub via remote control, web browser, smartphone or tablet. Before driving home you might draw the…

Keith Newman24 November 2017

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Bay Biodiversity Blitz


Hawke’s Bay environmentalists are uniting around the lo y goal of restoring at-risk native species and ecosystems, while planning a massive biodiversity blitz that aims to create the nation’s  first predator-free zone. “It’s crunch time” for improving our environment and its…

Keith Newman14 November 2017

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Is there a Doctor in the House?


Old school Not so long ago the General Practice (GP) family doctor was part of the whãnau. He, sometimes she, would attend to the health needs of mum, dad and the kids, and often grandparents and grandchildren. He would deliver…

Mark Sweet14 November 2017

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Moving On


In October 2015, BayBuzz published the authoritative account of the wine industry in Hawke’s Bay from its beginnings in the 1850s, capturing the social history, personalities and winemaking styles of a century and a half, all richly illustrated in 200…

Mark Sweet14 November 2017

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Festive Fare

Social Food

Festive Fare Counting down to Christmas, the big question is what to cook for friends and family. Who better to ask than those in the Bay who produce fabulous casual food? [Their recipes follow article.] Katie Green Maina  The delightful…

Michal McKay12 November 2017

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