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Old Dogs, New Digs

01 December 2018

The volunteers at Menzshed are master fixers. Their projects include one-off, small tasks for individuals, often paid for in cake and koha, through to council jobs like access ramps.  The popularity of the Menzshed means the Hastings branch is now…

Jess Soutar Barron01 December 2018

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Christmas Food? No Pressure!

01 December 2018

When I was growing up, Christmas was all about the food, and you knew exactly what food this would be, especially the puddings.  I remember every year with wonderful regularity the dining room table groaning and moaning under the weight…

Alexandra Tylee01 December 2018

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Making the Port Call

01 December 2018

“Napier Port is proudly owned by the people of Hawke’s Bay. The Regional Council is committed to keeping it that way,” declares HBRC’s ‘Our Port’ consultation document.  Err, well they’re 51% committed to keeping it that way. The HBRC are…

Paul Paynter01 December 2018