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Plastic … No Quick Fix

Environment Voices

Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane.  Go on, have another crack at it. In a world frustratingly awash with acronyms, we can at least recognise this one – DDT, that brutally toxic and offensively long-lived organochlorine pesticide used most widely in the 50s and 60s. …

Paul Paynter01 April 2019

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Re-Inventing Work & Workers


The impact of next level automation – artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, machine learning and cognitive computing – is expected to cause major disruption, with many traditional jobs phased out or redesigned for the new digital work era. Industry sectors, education,…

Keith Newman01 April 2019

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The Value of Trees

Environment Voices

The social, environmental and economic value of trees can be thought of as a closely intertwined network of roots in a vast forest. Human sustainability cannot exist without environmental sustainability, and the value of trees extends considerably beyond their direct…

Pat Turley01 April 2019

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Hakikino, Window to Māori Culture


“Waimārama is so much more than a seaside resort,” says Robert MacDonald, kaumātua of Ngāti Kahungunu (tribe) and Ngāti Kurukuru (sub-tribe), the tangata whenua of Waimārama.  “For those of us who live here and call it home, the landscape holds…

Kay Bazzard01 April 2019

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Digital Consumer Courtship


Our love affair with online purchasing is intensifying as ecommerce becomes more sophisticated, personalised and persistent, with offshore and local suitors ramping up their seductive tactics to gain our lucre and loyalty. Like something out of the Minority Report movie,…

Keith Newman01 April 2019

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The Blessed Drink


I think for most or at least a lot of New Zealanders the ritualistic drinking of espresso coffee at times could match many ancient cult rituals. As for when this change occurred … well for those of us old enough…

Alexandra Tylee01 April 2019

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Political Update


Heaps of political drama is in store for the coming year in Hawke’s Bay as we face major developments on key issues … and of course local body elections. Also affecting our regional wellbeing will be an array of government…

Tom Belford01 April 2019

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Sexy Onions

Lifestyle Voices

It’s 11 pm and The Frank Burkitt Band have sung their last encore to rapturous acclaim. Cars can be heard bump, bump over the culvert, homeward bound. The band, fed and watered, are ready to jam into the night, reluctant…

Mary Kippenberger01 April 2019

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The Kahikatea are Dying


Ravaged by fire in pre-European times, destroyed wholesale in the colonial rush to convert ‘wasteland’ into productive farms, and turned into butter boxes to ship refrigerated dairy to the Motherland, less than 2% of these primordial forests survived the last…

Bridget Freeman-Rock01 April 2019

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Meet the Hello Cup

Voices Online

Robyn McLean is the CEO of Havelock North’s most exciting start-up company, Hello Cup.  Sourcing high-quality medical plastic from Germany, Hello Cup takes orders via a website, manufactures products in a factory in Onekawa, and ships around the world. Robyn…

Matthew Miller01 April 2019

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A Sink or Swim Year


2019 is a local body election year, and with a myriad of issues facing Napier ratepayers over the last term, it is set to be an election that will determine whether the city sinks under management misinformation, rising sea levels…

Andrew Frame01 April 2019

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On the Right Side of History


Our celebrity Prime Minister was recently in Davos telling other world leaders that global warming was the issue of our times. “What greater threat to our wellbeing is there than the current threat of climate change,” she commented, adding, “This…

Tom Belford01 April 2019

Mental health system fails stress test


Last year, a report from the OECD offered a sobering assessment of New Zealand’s mental health situation, looking chiefly through the lens of its impact on work and productivity. It observed that poor mental health costs the NZ economy some…

Tom Belford01 April 2019

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