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Super Weather Sensors


“The weather: everyone grumbles about it, but no-one does anything about it.” MARK TWAIN Hawke’s Bay company Metris are doing something about it.  With a network of online sensors stretching from Pukekohe to Central Otago and a sophisticated cloud-based data…

Matthew Miller01 July 2019

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Digitising Hawke’s Bay History


“The Knowledge Bank is an ever-growing digital record of Hawke’s Bay and its people. Stories of the events, people, celebrations, tragedies and day-to-day life that helped form the culture and landscape of the Bay we know today are gathered here…

Kay Bazzard01 June 2019

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Confront the poison, don’t censor


I’m still finding it hard to make sense of the massacre in Christchurch. I’m battling with emotion and disbelief, the censorship of information, and a raft of strange behaviours. In the first days and hours after trauma, decisions are often…

Paul Paynter01 June 2019

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Touch Wood Reusing Our Residues

Environment Energy

Commercial logging and processing is our third largest export trade covering around 1.8 million hectares with about $5 billion earned annually from shipping to Australia, Japan, Korea, China and the US. It’s a messy business, leaving massive amounts of offcuts,…

Keith Newman01 June 2019

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It’s Only Love


I am sitting at the table of our Rotorua AirBnB. We have eight days of storytelling in front of us and two weeks behind us the Christchurch massacre.  In The Warehouse today I hugged two strangers – the checkout woman…

Mary Kippenberger01 June 2019

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The Value of Urban Trees

Environment Voices

Urban trees offer a sense of place and a connection with the past. Environmentally crucial and a cultural touchstone, they have a massive role to play in urban New Zealand. In terms of their environmental benefits, trees provide habitat, sequester…

Pat Turley01 June 2019

Addressing Gun Control

Politics Voices

Discussions during the development of the gun control bill have taken us to the sanctuary of the mosques.  They have allowed us to witness the supreme effort of trauma surgeons in a hospital emergency department. We have caught a glimpse…

Stuart Nash01 June 2019

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Women Want to Lead


Alex Walker: “I’ve only just begun!”  Three years ago Alex Walker put her hand up to lead a council that was rotting. A 12-year sewage problem, a building consent department that no one wanted to work with, a myriad of…

Sophie Price01 June 2019

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As I write this article the horrific events that took place in Christchurch are still fresh in my mind. I speculate about the antidote to such ignorance, prejudice and fear. The answer is of course education and positive interpersonal relationships,…

Geraldine Travers01 June 2019

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Waitangi to Puketapu

Lifestyle Travel

We start with coffee at the Box near the Clive BP, then head out along the river mouth, circling the salt-swept back of Hohepa farm and residential services (est. 1956), its award-winning cheesery, before crossing the Ngaruroro River as it…

Bridget Freeman-Rock01 June 2019

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Future Farming in Hawke’s Bay


An impressive trio of Hawke’s Bay finalists was presented recently at the annual Ballance Farm Environment Awards. These are farmers who outproduce their industry and local benchmarks, while lowering their environmental footprints.  For example, for the top winners, Nick and…

Tom Belford01 June 2019

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Comfort Food


Sometimes something as simple as having your family sitting down together at a table and eating a meal together, in the light of modern stresses, can become very precious indeed and is a wonderful opportunity to nurture and nourish.  By…

Alexandra Tylee01 June 2019

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Time to demand answers

Politics Voices

With local body elections only around five months away, it’s time to start asking questions of those who fancy themselves taking a seat at the council table.  Here are four Napier issues I want to hear clear, public positions on…

Andrew Frame01 June 2019

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Saving Our Fishery


NZ may have led the world with the quota management system (QMS) to control harvest levels – a bold move back in the 1980s when NZ was one of the first countries to implement one, effectively reducing overall fishing effort…

Bridget Freeman-Rock01 June 2019

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Scaling Tech Growth Hurdles


During national Techweek, 20-26 May 2019, Business HB will attempt to showcase the best the region has to offer in robotics, automation and leading edge software to bolster local awareness and hopefully draw the attention of outside investors and innovators. …

Keith Newman01 June 2019

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What Can We Do?


It is a sunny Saturday March 16 as I write this.  Yesterday was New Zealand’s darkest day as hate and terror erupted in Christchurch, at the same time as school children’s protests against climate change inaction spread round the globe.…

David Trubridge01 June 2019

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