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Health Care Delivery on Life Support


Editor’s Note: This article was written in mid-February, when the coronavirus was ‘merely’ a gathering storm. Today it might seem unduly critical at a time when our Hawke’s Bay health care workers are doing a herculean job of preparing for…

Tom Belford05 April 2020

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A Raw Deal for Raw Milk?

Land/Farming Health Issues

Seven agents quickly alighted, three of the burliest secured the immediate perimeter while four inspectors, on presenting a search warrant authourised by the Upper Hutt District Court, began rifling through the home office and bedrooms.  In their pursuit of ‘evidence…

Keith Newman01 April 2020

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It’s Trump’s election to lose


Most of my professional life in the US was spent in and around national politics, at one point working in the White House, but mostly strategising and raising money for advocacy groups seeking to influence public policy.  So, from that…

Tom Belford01 April 2020

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Securing our food and fibre future


These are exciting, but also challenging times for New Zealand agriculture, agri-food and fibre.  At a time when demand and pricing for food is at near record highs, the mood among farmers is subdued. New environmental policies fuel uncertainty at…

Mike Petersen01 April 2020

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